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11 Top Reasons Voting

11 Actually 12 Top Reasons VOTING for Corporation Officials in ELECTIONS is BAD for YOU

If you vote for Government officials either as a Democrat or Republican, you are voting for corporation officials as a NON-RATIFIED 14th AMENDMENT CITIZEN/PERSON/DEBT SLAVE that was added to the Second Corporate Rewritten Constitution, the ACT OF 1871 where the Elite Banksters’ BAR ATTORNEYS rewrote and forked just like the forks of the road splitting into two different roads, the 1787-91 republic land area constitution for their gain.

They then replaced the 1787-91 Republic land area constitution for the united states of America union land area of the individual several state Countries with the CORPORATION MARITIME AND ADMIRALTY OF THE SEA CONSTITUTION (All CAPS) with their Commerce statutes contracts, the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA that make all you PEOPLE, PERSONS, and CITIZENS of THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA MUNICIPALITY CORPORATION DEEP STATE DEBT SLAVES. There is a remedy to get out of debt found at I gave up and terminated my CITIZEN GOVERNMENT PRIVILEGE and BENEFIT TO VOTE for the corporate government officials in 2012.

The 1787-91 Republic Constitution for the united states of America land area union of the individual several state countries verified by the U.S. Supreme Court with the lawfully original ratified 13th Amendment barring titles of NOBILITY like ESQUIRES, Your Honor, the Honorable, Mr., ATTORNEY, etc. (All CAPS)was HIDDEN from sight and unlawfully erased from the 2nd rewritten CONSTITUTION during the War of 1812 when the British burned down the original Republic Peoples’ Government Capital so the British could get a foothold to make the 13 now 50 united states individual countries union CORPORATION S under the CROWN of the UNITED KINGDOM and the VATICAN. And it worked in 1861at the outbreak of the Civil War Between the individual Countries of the Union in North America land area..

BUT did you know that the main libraries in the original 13 colonies verified ratification and printed the Constitution including the NO TITLES OF NOBILITY Original 13th Amendment or that the NO TITLES OF NOBILITY is also in BOTH Federal constitutions under Article 1 Section 8?? After the Civil War is when the voting system came into existence and the Corporation created two entities the Republicans and the Democrats which are both Political Parties under the same Corporate Government.

You, as Corporate CITIZEN PERSON Debt Slaves, cannot own land, automobiles, or any other property according to the District of Columbia Corporation Uniformed Commercial Code, U.C.C., under Color of Law that only contain contracts, statutes (stat-hoots), codes, rules, regulations, ATTORNEY JUDGES’ opinions, Court Case Law under these ATTORNEY JUDGES’ OPINIONS AND PRESUMPTIONS, and of course, public policy with no facts or basis in the republic exclusive common law of the land.

The property that you think you own is actually owned by your STATE OF, the sub-corporations of the CORPORATE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (All CAPS).

How you know this is true is that you must pay fees or direct taxes for a Driver License, Automobile Registration, Property Tax, Rental Tax, STATE OF Sales Tax, Business Tax, and all other Privileges and Benefits Income Taxes and it all comes down to you being ALLOWED by the CORPORATION to VOTE for the Corporation Officials in what they mistakenly call Elections to fool you PEOPLE as CITIZENS, PERSONS, and DEBT SLAVES to rob you of your rights, freedom, and liberty as they place more laws under the color of law to control you every day.

You rob yourself of your unalienable rights and freedoms when you CONSENT TO VOTE!!
Here are the 11 actually 12 Reasons VOTING for Corporation Officials in all ELECTIONS is BAD for YOU the people:

  • 1) VOTING forces YOU to register yourself as a CORPORATION (All CAPS).
  • 2) VOTING forces YOU to admit being a 14th Amendment CITIZEN/PERSON/DEBT SLAVE.
  • 3) VOTING forces YOU to voluntarily give your consent to lose your unalienable rights, liberty, and freedom.
  • 4) VOTING forces YOU to voluntarily give your consent to be a DEBT SLAVE.
  • 5) VOTING forces YOU to give your VOTES to the Electoral College who actually elects the President, Chief Executive Officer, of the Municipality Blanket Corporation District of Columbia DEEP STATE Government.
  • 6) VOTING forces YOU to become a LEGAL FICTION ARTIFICIAL PERSON, CORPORATION, STRAWMAN, in their contract Commerce Matrix world of Imagination.
  • 7) VOTING forces YOU to believe that the 2nd Rewritten CORPORATE CONSTITUTION (All CAPS), the ACT OF 1871, is the Original 1787-91 Republic land area of the several state nations Constitution along with the other three American FREEDOM DOCUMENTS that make you a sovereign living man or woman in the real world.
  • 8) VOTING forces YOU to voluntarily give up or be seized of your unalienable rights, freedoms, and property by the BANKS, STATE OF, and FEDERAL Government Corporation.
  • 9) VOTING forces YOU to be a Corporation and not a Homo sapiens living man or woman.
  • 10) Your vote does NOT COUNT to elect any public servant!
  •  11)  VOTING forces YOU to LOSE your freedom and rights as a sovereign living man or woman.
  • 12). VOTING forces YOU to be under the PRESUMPTION where the actual color is red but Judges, banks, corporations, and Government presume that you are a UNITED STATES CITIZEN/PERSON, WHIPPED DOG DEBT SLAVE. This is why in their Corporate Article 1 Maritime Admiralty sea courts you the consumer lose .999999% of your cases..

Please watch the next 38 videos of how the U.S Corporation has Divided you, the People, and Conquered the Nation without a shot being fired that is titled, “Is Voting in a Democracy, the Ideal Distraction to American People” and you will learn a great deal more..

Don’t you agree that these 12 Reasons why VOTING for Corporation Officials in so-called ELECTIONS is Bad for YOU? What are you going to do in November 2020 with the PRESIDENTIAL Corporate Officials election? Think about it..

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