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The president that killed the constitution of america

2 of the 3 United States of America are Within the Outer Boundary of Each State

Hello Folks.. Do you know that there is one American Country that shares the same styled name of the “United States” of America as Government.. That’s right, there are three (3) “United States” of America, and the latest two only share Part of the American soil within each of the now 50 Confederate states..

These latest two “United States” are territorial governments which contain the CITY OF WASHINGTON in the District of Columbia, THE STATE OF FLORIDA, STATE OF NEW YORK, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, etc. in all Capital Lettered INITIALS such as CAPITAL FL, N.Y., CA, etc. with a Military Zip Code.

The First Organic United States government and constitution is styled and called “the United States” in 1777; the Second United States Government and Rewritten Constitution of 1787 is also called “This United States”; and the third CORPORATE rewrite of the United States GOVERNMENT AND CONSTITUTION is called “THE UNITED STATES” written in all Capital Letters just like their TERRITORIAL Corporate STATES OF that are located within or inside the outer boundaries of each of the whole original Confederation Colony state..

Which of these United States of America you live in determines WHO YOU ARE!! Do you live or reside in one of the 50 States?? Which one??
If you live in one of the 50 States you are one of the free individual, sovereign, men or women, American “people of the United States” as I am, then you are a sovereign man or woman with no allegiance to the second or third Territorial Federal United States Government..

On the other hand, if you RESIDE in one of the 50 States, The State of Florida, State of California, State of Georgia, etc., you are a United States Citizen, Artificial Person, Debt Slave, Surety for your STRAWMAN Legal Fiction, and Corporation by your all caps NAME.. When You RESIDE or have RESIDENCE you are under the Territorial Federal Government control and shall pay their National Debt taxes and fees with their fiat money the Private Corporation Federal Reserve Note Dollars as Sureties of the STRAWMAN and attend their B.A.R. COURTS under their Statutes and Codes Contracts. Let me explain what the three United States of America are so you can get a better understanding of WHO you Are and the fraud behind the latest two United States occupying only a small part of the same American soil within..

The first Organic Law of this North American World Country of dry land and soil area is the 1776 Declaration of Independence which led up to my first and only constitution of “We the People”.. I am referring to the constitution of 1777 “Articles of Confederation” which granted as “one of the American people” my rights, freedoms, the pursuit of happiness, and to own property without taxation.. The American Dream, if you will..

The Articles of Confederation is the second organic law of America that was lawfully and unanimously Ratified and Adopted by all the 13 colony states along with the Declaration of Independence and the Northwest Ordinance that gave territories that joined the first “United States” of America equal footing to the original colonies to make it Confederated 50 states now such as Florida, California, Georgia, New York, etc..

We the American People first original and only lawful Constitution is a perpetual union composing of the original 13 colonies which made North America a world country and was originally styled or named “The United States’’.. Remember the original of anything is the only original and organic law; therefore, the 1787 Territorial Federal United States Constitution Rewrite was partially Ratified by only 9 of the 13 states and never adopted was only a rewrite, just a piece of paper to fool the American people, Nothing More!!

Your second rewritten Constitution came in 1787 in Philadelphia at night in secret and was only given LIMITED POWER by the people to Govern and was an update or rewrite of the original 1777 Articles of Confederation Constitution; therefore, giving the Territorial Federal Government the extra right to TAX the People that RESIDED within the Federal Territories in and on forts (or military bases), magazines, ammunition dumps, and other Needful Buildings ONLY..

This second Constitution was also styled and named This “United States”, a Territorial Federal Constitution with the same spelling, name, and content except for the added power to tax the people and to form three branches of the same government in order to fool the American people into believing that this Territorial Federal Constitution was your Constitution and that you live in or within the Federal territorial borders of their forts, magazines, ammunition dumps, and other Needful Buildings .. NOT SO!!

Written with the same styled name of This “United States” their constitution was easy to confuse the American people.. This 1787 Constitution to make America “a more perfect union” by adding the three branches of this government and collecting Taxes from the people which the colonists fought so hard against in the Revolutionary War with Great Brittan or England as a protest with the “Taxation Without Representation” Boston Tea Party..

This rewritten or added to Federal Constitution of the “United States” stated the same laws as my first and only original “Articles of Confederation” Constitution, but added more words, began unlawfully taxing all the people and added the three branches of Government, the Executive Presidential Office Branch, Legislative Branch to make or create laws, and the Judicial Branch to carry out the laws..

This is why State of and Federal Courts cannot make the laws with their presumed court cases which they call Court Case Law which is not law at all, but one Attorney Judge Administrator’s presumption and opinion under the Color of Law.. The Color of Law is not law and is only STATUTES, Codes, Rules and Regulations to look like law.. This Second “United States” Territorial Federal Constitution was unlawful and not properly unanimously Ratified nor Adopted by the 13 colonies.. It was never adopted by any colony state and never became the fourth organic law of the land as people presume!! Presumptions are not real..

For a law to become law, it must be adopted as the law by the people of all states.. This 1787 Constitution styled the “United States” the same name as the original first “Articles of Confederation” Constitution Perpetual Union and was rewritten only to confuse the people into believing that this 1787 Constitution was their Constitution and Government..

This second Federal Constitution made you Citizens of their Second United States which only consisted of forts, magazines, ammunition dumps, and other Needful Buildings ONLY that lay in or within the outer boundaries of each confederation state and the 10 square mile area City State of Washington, District of Columbia as this new Federal government capital.. The 50 confederation colony states we have today are separate from the Territorial Federal STATES OF sub-corporations of the Territorial Federal “United States”..

After the War Between the States, the elite bankers of Europe took control after loaning both sides money for the war effort and were repaid by their Bank Attorneys’ rewriting the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES the second time to make the Federal “United States” a Corporation as the ACT of 1871 CONSTITUTION.

This Federal Constitution that has a hold on we the American people of today made all the people within their territory Federal debt slaves, U.S. Citizens, Artificial Persons, Legal entities, Residents, and converted the American Government into a CORPORATION with Statutes, Codes, Rules, and Regulations to take the place of law to rule the new white and black debt slaves and established the New Territorial Federal Government seat or headquarters in the District of Columbia, in the CITY of WASHINGTON, located within the 10 square mile area that was the only property ceded or given by the states of Virginia and Maryland to the Territorial Federal Government WASHINGTON CITY MUNICIPALITY DEEP STATE CORPORATION..

This Territorial Federal Corporation Constitution exists today inside each of the Confederation states, but so does the original organic law “Articles of Confederation” Constitution in the now 50 states of the perpetual union. Neither This 1787 Constitution nor the ACT of 1871 Corporation Constitution was LAWFULLY RATIFIED OR ADOPTED AS LAW!!

When questioned about following the 1787 and 1871 Constitutions, President George W Bush stated that it was just a piece of paper.. He was right because neither the second or third rewritten Federal Constitutions were lawfully Ratified nor Adopted by the people as Constitution law!! These are not “We The People” of American Constitutions and you are not a part of them.. This is why when Federal or State of Court Case Law is quoted in any civil or criminal case, the ATTORNEY JUDGE ADMINISTRATOR of your constructive trust in these Foreign Business B.A.R. COURTS that are sitting on the banks almost always give the banks the upper hand to make you pay.. But you can change this by reading through today and take action..

Both the Second and third Federal Constitutions are located within or INSIDE each of the overlapping Confederation state such as Florida, New York, Georgia, California and like a thorn in your hand named THE STATE OF FLORIDA, THE STATE OF NEW YORK, THE STATE OF GEORGIA, THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, etc. that have control of the U.S. Citizens, Artificial Persons, Government Employees, and the Military in these Territorial UNITED STATES OF CORPORATIONS that reside in Forts, Magazines, Ammunition Dumps, and other Needful Buildings, and technically, if you work as an employee or in the Military of the State or Federal Government, YOU are a U.S. Citizen, Artificial Person STRAWMAN SURETY who took an oath of Territorial Federal office and ARE UNDER THE OBLIGATION TO PAY INCOME TAXES and OTHER GOVERNMENT, BANK, AND CORPORATION FEES AND TAXES!!

On the other hand, I as a “Articles of Confederation” Constitutional sovereign man am not under any Territorial Federal Government Obligation of any STATE OF.. WHO ARE YOU??
Are you willing to fight for WHO YOU ARE and gain back your freedoms and rights??

I, David Young de (“de” meaning “of the Family) God declare that I am a free sovereign American, one of the people, and living man on the Confederation soil of one of the Confederation states known as Florida in America which is located outside of the Territorial Federal UNITED STATES military zone and do not live in or on their forts, magazines, ammunition dumps, and other Needful Buildings that were meant ONLY for Territorial Federal United States Citizens, Artificial Person STRAWMEN Legal Fiction Sureties, and Birth Certificate paper registered Corporations.. I am not one of Their Federal United States Citizens, Artificial Person STRAWMEN Legal Fiction Sureties, paper registered Corporations or Government worker..

Now you have it folks.. Now you know who I am.. Which are you??

Now, do you know who you are?? Thomas Jefferson said that “We the People” should have a revolution every twenty years to downsize and control the Federal Government or the Territorial Federal Government will control its Creators from within the American borders!! Think about it..

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