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A great government diversion debt slave captivity

A Great Government Diversion Debt Slave Captivity

In the 1920’s federal legislation provided for government registration of babies through applications for government birth certificates, so only government workers could get maternity leave with pay, increase mortality rates in newborn children, and for Government control over their newly created child property!

The States pushed for registration (surrender of ownership) of cars through applications for certificates of title, and for registration of land through County State registration of mortgage deeds of trust in their County Recorder, Official Records Office, which turned the Mortgaged land ownership over to the State.

Anything registered now belongs to the Government and you are just using it with upkeep under Usufruct which is the right to enjoy the use and advantages of another’s property short of the destruction or waste of its substance. This means you have the responsibility to pay for its upkeep.

Constructive trusts secretly were created as each of the people blindly walked into the Federal United States Corporate Democracy debt slavery; thereby, the American people agreed to be sureties or Payers for the debts of the Territorial Federal United States Corporation Government.

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The 1861 Civil War and the 1920s great depression supplied the diversion to keep the American people’s attention off what the Territorial Federal Government was fraudulently done.

The Social Security program was implemented, along with numerous other Territorial Federal United States Corporation programs that invited the American people to volunteer to be the sureties behind the Territorial Federal United States’ new registered property and adhesion contracts as legal fictions and new Territorial Federal United States “subjects” or “Property”.

The plan was well on its path by 1933. Massive registration (surrender) of property through United States agencies, including the ‘State’ corporate subdivisions franchises, was assuring the Territorial Federal United States corporate Governance and its officers would get rich beyond their wildest expectations.

All of this was done without full disclosure of the material facts that accompanied each application for registration. Is that fraud? Please answer in your comments..

The fraud was a sufficient reason to charge all the Territorial Federal United States officers with treason, UNLESS a remedy could be supplied for the American people to recoup their property and collect for the damages they suffered as a result of the bank and government fraud. You have the remedy, but it is a different video topic, so be sure to subscribe and view my future videos. Think about it..

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