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Cancel Your Mortgage With The New Credit Agreement Debt Payoff Security NOTE Draft Bank and the Bill of Exchange Securities Bank Business Instruments to pay off your debt NOW!

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PSALMS 23, The Lord Is My Shepard!

All Men Have Equal Rights

All men have equal rights when they form a social compact or government to protect the Texian people of the Sovereign Nation of the Texas Republic and no men or set of men are entitled to exclusive public privileges or emoluments from the community.”

Since everyone has the right to pursue a course of action within the confines of law, government must assure freedom and privacy to its entire constituency, (men, women and children). That is the only kind of “equality” that a government can ever provide and legislation must never encroach upon freedom; it must be designed to protect the life and freedom, privacy, and property of law abiding inhabitants and also the inherent right to exploit whatever opportunities present themselves to our citizens and must not be denied or tampered with as is in the independent country of the Sovereign Texas Republic Nation, not a part of the UNITED STATES!

The good news is that the Sovereign Texas Republic Nation now has Texas Republic Nation, TRN, cyber coins soon to be released to the world and backed by our intrinsic valued precious metals, Gold, Silver, timber, precious minerals, and oil from the Sovereign Texas Republic Nation land area, consisting of nearly 1 million square miles reaching from what you now know as the STATE OF TEXAS all the way to the STATE OF CALIFORNIA’s Pacific Ocean shoreline to the west. You can also get out of your Corporate UNITED STATES debt slavery prison now by going through this website and read about our bank approved and verified preprocessed LPN Negotiable Security instruments that legally, by UCC Law, Federal Law, UNITED STATES Law, American Common Law, and International Common Law is money and can be used as legal money to pay off your debts and save you Thousands of Dollars. It is not the very small cost of our Licensed processing compared to the thousands of dollars you owe, but the ten of THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS YOU may SAVE by using our bank proven and verified LPN Security to pay off your debt. Just order the $19.95 LPN E-booklet for informational and educational purposes and decide for yourself if you want to use our processing service or not.

Remember this LPN Security process is not a DO IT YOURSELF Process as I am the only Licensed LPN Security processor in the United States, the USA.

This is the Sovereign Texas Republic Nation, Chief Justice Judge for Travis County, in Austin, David Allen Young, bidding you a great life with freedom, justice, and restored GOD Given rights as a Texian.

When you decide to join us in the Texas Republic Nation just contact me or any Texas Republic Judge for the county you live in and I or they will swear you in as a Texian after only 6 months of living in the independent Country of the Texas Republic Nation consisting of you know as The States OF Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, and Oklahoma. There are no judges in most of our young nation as of yet, so, If you are interested in this County Judge position, you must be a Texian.

The Young restored Sovereign Texas Republic Nation is an Independent Sovereign Texas Nation World Country bordering the Countries of the United States and Mexico.

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