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Are CAP Securities Legal

Some people ask me, “Are CAP Securities Legal”?? Are FRN Dollars Legal?? Are Mortgages legal?? Are Credit Cards Legal?? Are car loans legal?? Are Foreclosures or Repossessions Legal??

According to the Commercial system and statutes under the Color of Law, they are all legal, but not lawful.

The answer if they are legal is yes, BUT they are NOT Lawful, because No Money was lent, just credit was lent and by the Commercial courts and law enforcement brainwashed people, CAP Securities must be legal too, but some of them still do not recognize the State Licensed Processed CAP Security because it is not issued by a Federal Reserve Bank, but it is issued by a Private Banker that makes it legal..

Actions of winning your civil or criminal court case is in the CAP Security client instructions that have been proven by me and others to win in any court hearing or Trial By Jury when you follow and present them properly.. All you need to do is ask the ATTORNEY JUDGE and/or bank attorney certain questions that Hired Attorneys will NEVER ASK.. Please, comment on this video and let us know what you think, Okay??

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