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Cancel Your Mortgage With The New Credit Agreement Debt Payoff Security NOTE Draft Bank and the Bill of Exchange Securities Bank Business Instruments to pay off your debt NOW!

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Bank Mortgage Securitization and Your Remedy

We have spent over 19 years carrying out extensive research into how, and why, banks across the globe carry out securitization, and the simple truth answer is as follows:

Bank regulations may impose limits on bank lending or maintenance of their two loan Accounting books under GAAP. Therefore, all banks through Securitization will decide to remove existing assets from their books and sell (assigning, your mortgage and automobile accounts to another bank or investor trust.. Thus, selling existing residential and commercial mortgages and automobile contract securities under Securitization is the most profitable option for these investment companies known as “Banks”..

Banks may bundle up hundreds, sometimes thousands, of mortgages and sell them to third-party investors. Once they have sold the asset, they can remove the loans from their balance sheet, allowing them to meet regulatory requirements or lend more money tax-free while getting paid for their mortgage or automobile debts.

What does this mean to you?

When your mortgage or Automobile contract securities have been securitized, your financial obligation to pay your lender will have been paid in full, by the investors, Bank, or Trust that the lender sold (assigned) it to, making a profit. Once your Mortgage or Automobile loan has been sold or assigned, the original Lender has lost perfected interest.

Without Perfected interest, no one down the chain of title can foreclose on your mortgage or repossess your automobile legally because they are not the holder or owner and have no subject matter jurisdiction…

Once your lender removes your mortgage from their balance sheet or sells or assigns your mortgage to another bank or Investor Trust through securitization the Lender loses PERFECTED INTEREST; thus, no one in the chain retains the perfected interest in the mortgage security and; therefore, cannot foreclose.

Your contractual obligation to pay ceases upon the sale or assignment of your mortgage or automobile contract, but you not knowing this fact continue to pay you’re paid in the full mortgage through your lender statement payment request, who acts as a collection agent for the investors for a fee.

You should record our New Credit Agreement Debt Loan Payoff Contract Security in your county recorder’s official records office to put it in the public so the Lender’s accounting books can be balanced to a zero balance; thus canceling your mortgage or automobile debt.

But you must be very careful and let us legally process your security with client instructions.. Then you may be able to receive recoupment of the full debt amount in civil court. Please read for more debt payoff information and become debt-free!!

The major error occurs by them not completing the paperwork correctly and not amending the charge they hold on your property. The moment your mortgage liability has been paid, your lender nor do the investors or assigns hold any rights to the charge, NOTE or Mortgage, or your automobile, as your obligation has been discharged, settled, paid off, setoff, and your Original Lender Mortgage account balance sheet has to be closed with a zero balance under GAAP bookkeeping and accounting method that all Countries businesses use.

At, we expose this bank fraud to get your debt terminated. You provide a little work. We provide your debt termination solution. Think about it..

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