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PSALMS 23, The Lord Is My Shepard!

Be Your Own Bank And Private Banker

Now you can DUMP the Federal Reserve banksters and their U.S. Corporate “government” minions, who’ve been leaching off you FOR DECADES, and who forced you into their corporate Democracy which DOESN’T recognize your PRIVATE PROPERTY Rights or Individual Freedoms.. It STARTS with being your own bank – BYOB..

You can do that by getting into Texas Republic Nation, TRNcoin, internet based virtual currency coins that are equal in every way to the Bitcoin and may even be superior to Bitcoins that they are from the Texas Republic Nation.. 

You can now BUY just about ANYTHING (legal) ONLINE with TRNcoin without paying Federal Income taxes.. There is no need for your SSN when you sign up with a wallet to mine these cryptocoins.

Get your TRNcoin wallet, mine the TRNcoin, and stuff it with TRNcoins to spend online today, trade the TRNcoin, sell the TRNcoin, and become wealthy.. Again, No Social Security Number Required!!

I hope you realize that being able to make purchases with CRYPTO is a MAJOR step toward FREEDOM from the Fraud of Federal Reserve Banksters.. As You can see is a very secured site..

If you were to make ALL your purchases with U.S. Treasury Minted coins or the TRNcoin, there should be NO INCOME, since no CREDIT from the Federal Reserve Banksters was involved.

Getting and Paying TRNcoin Lawful money is NOT income since no Federal Reserve Bankster’s credit is involved.

Using TRNcoin virtual lawful money DOES NOT increase the Corporate Federal Debt since Congress only has to pay interest on “money” (FRNs) that it borrows from the Federal Reserve Banksters..

I hope you know that the fiat FRN money in your bank account DOESN’T BELONG to you..

In an emergency, the bank can restrict withdrawals to $50 or less a day, or even confiscate part or all of your money, in a so-called BAIL-IN.. A BAIL-IN is the same thing as the famous Too Big To Fail Banks BAIL-OUT, but this time they use your deposited bank money instead of your tax money..

This would never happen with the TRNcoin. With the TRNcoin, you keep ALL 100% of your money because it is virtual Internet based currency that can be used all over the world with over 60 thousand merchant worldwide!

The banks will also have limits on you withdrawing large sums of money AND depositing large sums of money will make you a suspected money launderer and Terrorist.. BEWARE of the Standing Army Homeland Security that our forefathers warned us about!!

So WHY deal with that corporate crap when you can keep most of your money in TRN CRYPTO currency where it’s SAFE and can appreciate in value by 300% or more, AND you can EASILY spend TRNcoin ONLINE with up to 60,000 merchants worldwide, including Wal-Mart..

You could become very wealthy in the near future and make a great living with just investing now with the TRNcoins.

If you’re still undecided, just remember the definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over and over again the same way and expecting a different result”. .

People who recently started their own TRNcoin bank and banking recently by mining TRNcoins are now quite happy at the increase in value..

Embracing CHANGE EARLY has its benefits. The TRNcoin is now on the open world market for purchase to the public with a wallet to carry them in..

Hurry and get your TRNs now before they increase in value and are gone. There are only 450 million TRNCoins in existence Representing the TEXAS Republic Nation and there will never be more in the future..

People thought Bitcoin was a fad and would never increase in value. The early buyers’ small investment paid really big.. Experts say TRNcoins are situated to bring you more value than the Bitcoins in the very near future..

Oh, and a court in South Korea ruled recently that the government CANNOT confiscate Bitcoin or the TRNcoin gained through illegal activity (from online porn sites), so it’s good to know that at least in some countries the TRNcoin is considered OUTSIDE of the STATES OF or Federal IRS jurisdiction..

TRNcoin’s are not part of the STATES OF FIAT “money”.. Just like real money, gold and silver coins, the TRNcoins wouldn’t be subject to Corporate CASINO’s rules in a government casino..

(In the Government’s Casino, it’d be protected by REAL Constitutional Common laws, which are adjudicated in real Common Law Courts in the Texas Republic, NOT by UNITED STATES CORPORATION casino’s administrative rules)..

Even in the USA you should be able to assert protection of Public Law against Corporate STATES OF administrative rules (Statutes, Codes, and Color of Law), when it comes to REAL money, including TRNcoin..

You’d just need to do a COUNTER-CLAIM at the arraignment, or otherwise AVOID admitting to be the statutory Legal Fiction STRAWMAN Capital Corporation Person/Defendant.. 

Get your TRNcoin wallet, mine the TRNcoin, and stuff it with TRNcoins to spend online today, trade the TRNcoin, sell the TRNcoin, and become wealthy.. Again, No Social Security Number Required!!

You can be Legal Private Banker and Creditor if you wish at to write, make, and issue our legally prepossessed LPN Security to pay off your existing debts in 14 days.

Pay with PayPal or Your Credit Card below..

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    1. At the present time until we get at least 10 million people to join the Texas Republic as Texians in California, Nevada, Utah, New mexico, and Arizona our hands are tied to being recognized as an independent Nation Country..

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