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YOUR STRAWMAN ID or Birth Certificate Government MONEY and CREDIT SCAM

Birth Certificate Money – The Value of Your Birth Certificate Bond

How Much Money Is Your Birth Certificate Worth?

Since the person died that we got this information from we are unable to get this information any more. We still however, use the Little Promissory Note to pay off debt at
Most Countries accept the FEDERAL RESERVE INTERNATIONAL promissory Note, Money order international promissory note, or Bank Check international promissory note. This makes all promissory notes international. Want proof of your STRAW MAN Funded Reserve Accounts? I have proof with my BC and SSN in High Yield Investments and diversified portfolio of Fixed-Income Instruments and High Yield funds. As well as my CUSIP Number proving that these Millions of Dollars are yours and mine in this commercial world.

YOUR STRAWMAN ID or Birth Certificate Government MONEY and CREDIT SCAM

My STRAWMAN CUSIP Results are as follows:

PIMCO Total Return II Instl Fund
Symbol: PMBIX
CUSIP: 693390***
Inception Date: 12/30/1991
Net Assets: $3,080,000,000.00 as of 3/31/2014
Portfolio Assets: $3,080,000,000.00 as of 3/31/2014

DAVIDA YOUNG(BC ***-9*-*03**)
Fidelity Global High Income Fund
Symbol: FGHN*
CUSIP: 31641Q***
Inception Date: 5/11/2001
Net Assets: $253,260,000.00 as of 3/31/2014
Portfolio Assets: $253,260,000.00 as of 3/31/2014

I contacted each of the two companies, gave them my name SSN, CUSIP#, and amount and both of these stock Broker Companies VERIFIED my information. I HAVE NOT ATTEMPTED TO GET ANY OF MY MONEY, because, I have paid off my debts using the IPN at this website or Little promissory Note.

To access your money you would need to contact the company trading your funds accounts to get your money.

When you want to know just how much money you have in your Government Birth Certificate Bond and your SS number Trust that make up you Pre-Paid Exempt Reserve Account so you may be able to get money from your stock certificates that are traded on the stock market daily in your Legal fiction, STRAWMAN name, send cashier check or Postal money order WITH a copy of your Birth Certificate AND Social Security Card to: David A. Young, 111 Mohawk trail, #7, Crestview, Florida near [32536-9998], Non-Domestic, WITHOUT the United States AND you will receive, BY EMAIL, your results within 14 working days.

The cost for this FUNDS information, is very nominal for the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS you could receive from the stock market trading of your bond and trust, for a very limited time is $2,000.00.

The value is in your Birth Certificate Bond and SS# Trust information we provide. What you do with this valuable information will either hold the current value or add to the value by you contacting the stock broker company that is trading YOUR Birth Certificate Bond Funds Account and/or your SS# Trust Funds Account that make up your Prepaid, Exempt Reserve Account that the banks draw and steel from you every time you sign your name on a financial contract or application. YOUR Stock market funds accounts are in YOUR NAME and Under YOUR Social Security Number AND ONLY YOU can access your Stock Market MONEY.

This special offer will be terminated at any time in the future.

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