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Biggest thing since 1776 happening now, coronavirus sparks greatest depression of of all time part 6

How the Coronavirus Will Spark the Greatest Depression of ALL TIME Part 6

Biggest Thing Since 1776 is Happening NOW, How the Coronavirus Will Spark the Greatest Depression of ALL TIME Through Government Idiot Officials intervention part 6

The government is, quite naturally, further removing responsibility from the individual.
There are going to be vast consequences from this stock market meltdown. Most people already had inadequate retirement funds, and what they had was in the market. There will be recriminations about who was to blame, lawsuits, and lots of new laws as the public screams for Congress to “do something.”

Every government and, indeed, every large company and organization feel that they have to do something or they’re going to lose money and be accused of sleeping at the switch. That’s why they’re going wild on the side of caution and control.

In today’s ultra-litigious environment, they’re afraid they’ll get sued if anybody catches something, and it is traced back to their restaurant, their gym, their conference, their bank—anything. This is where the Cap Security Instrument at comes in to pay your debts while you consumers still have the money. Now is the time to get the Credit Agreement Debt Payoff CAP Security Instrument to terminate your debt today..

In times like this, Trump—who has zero understanding of economics and is authoritarian by nature—is ultra-dangerous. He’s capable of doing almost anything to show how decisive he is.. Think about it..

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  1. Bashan N Robinson

    I have decided to use your plan and am now in the process of raising the fees.
    Formulating questions beginning as follows;
    1.Current residence is titled to my xwife exclusively…during marriage house was in both names…I need a plan to secure my interest if and when house is paid in full…we have and existing notarized agreement contingent on the sell of the house…your plan does not seem to require the house to be sold…do you have any suggestions???

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