"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

COURT Based Sovereign Citizen Movement Dispelled, Part 10

[Perry v. United States, 294 U.S. 330, 353 (1935)]

[emphasis added]
No discussion of sovereignty would be complete, therefore, without considering the sovereignty that resides in “US”, the People.  The Supreme Court has often identified the People as the source of sovereignty in our republican form of government.  Indeed, the federal Constitution guarantees to every State in the Union a “Republican Form” of government, in so many words:
Section 4.  The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.. Where is that Republican form of Government in the DEMOCRACY?? It is in the Courts of Record under Common Law. You just have to request it as a sovereign Citizen.. Please comment on this video to help others in America and humankind in general..
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