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COURT Based Sovereign Citizen Movement Dispelled, Part 14

I am forever indebted to M. J. Beckman, co-author of The Law That Never Was with Bill Benson, for clearly illustrating the important difference between the two.

Red Beckman has delivered many eloquent lectures based on the profound simplicity of the following table:
          Chain of command and authority in a:
          Majority Rule                 Constitutional
          Democracy                     Republic
          X                                      Creator
          Majority                      Individual
          Government                 Constitution
          Public Servants              Government
          Case & Statute Law          Public Servants
          Corporations                Statute Color of Law
          individual                    Corporations
In this illustration, a democracy ruled by the majority places the individual at the bottom, and an unknown elite, Mr. “X” at the top.  The majority (or mob) elects a government to hire public “servants” who write laws primarily for the benefit of corporations.  These corporations are either owned or controlled by Mr. X, a clique of the ultra-wealthy who seek to restore a two-class “feudal” society.  They exercise their vast economic power so as to turn all of America into a “feudal zone”.  The rights of individuals occupy the lowest priority in this chain of command.  Those rights often vanish over time, because democracies eventually self-destruct.  The enforcement of laws within this scheme is the job of administrative tribunals, who specialize in holding individuals to the letter of all Statutes, Codes, Rules, Regulations, and Policies of the Corporate STATE, no matter how arbitrary, and with little, if any regard for your fundamental human rights:
A democracy that recognizes only manmade laws perforce obliterates the concept of Liberty as a divine right.. Please comment on this video to help others in America and humankind in general..
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