"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

COURT Based Sovereign Citizen Movement Dispelled, Final Part 16

Now as you know from my previous videos on this subject, you can be only one.

Either a private sovereign man or woman National on the private side of the commercial Corporate Government, Banks, and Foreign BAR BUSINESS COURTS of Bank debt collectors or a debt slave and SUBJECT as CITIZEN of a STATE, Government, Corporation, or of a Country.

The Magna Carta made all of us living human beings free men and women from any man’s or Kings’s rule and control over us living human sovereigns. I am a private American National cohabitating or living in one of the several republic states of the Union of individual Nations, How about you?? Actually, I live in the Texas Republic Nation that is separate from the UNITED STATES MUNICIPALITY CORPORATION STATE of THE WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 10 square mile area GOVERNMENT..

In the Constitutional Republic, Sovereign individuals, men and women, are subject only to God’s Common Law of right, wrong, and do no harm to others whose primary purposes are to protect and defend your individual rights, liberty, freedom, justice, and to prevent anyone, whether Corporate Government public official or private person, from violating the rights of other individuals.  

The term Public is and equal to Corporate Government. If you are in the Public, you are in the Corporate Matrix of commercial PERSON contracts. Sovereigns are never subject to their own government creations, and the constitutional contract, the Constitution for the United States of America Union of individual Nations is such a creation derived from the Magna Carter, Paragraph 52 where King John made every man a living human sovereign.  

To quote the Republic United States Supreme Court, “No fiction can make a natural born subject.”  Milvaine v. Coxe’s Lessee, 8 U.S. 598 (1808).  That is to say, no fiction, be it a corporation, a statute Color of Law, or a Corporate Government administrative rule, regulation, or code, can mutate a natural born republic Sovereign man or woman into someone who is subject to his own creations such as a U.S. 14th Amendment CITIZEN PERSON DEBT SLAVE under Peonage, without your consent. Do not give them consent by owning the Government Created and owned STRAWMAN all Capital NAME that sounds exactly like your Parent’s God-given Name!! Please comment on this video and all my videos to help others in America and humankind, in general, learn the truth of who all of you are..
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