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PSALMS 23, The Lord Is My Shepard!

Current monetary system diverts wealth

Current Monetary System Diverts Wealth from Productive Use

The modern Monetary system diverts your money and wealth from productive use into Government fraud, which is naturally unproductive and makes you worse off?

Current monetary system diverts wealth from productive use
You would think the lower and middle classes would be clamoring for more wealth creation that would also benefit you. Instead, most of you are asking for more wealth to be destroyed as you are lazy and enjoy the Government’s Benefits, Privileges, and Welfare Programs. It seems this sort of thinking helps solidify a backward system.

The US Government and its welfare programs are actually cementing the lower classes to the bottom of society and keeping you poor.
You get what you encourage. When you give people free money for doing nothing, that’s what they’ll do, NOTHING! Take personal responsibility away from a man, and he’ll tend to act irresponsibly.

The next step seems to be a guaranteed annual income for everybody where presumably everybody can just make more babies, sit around Starbucks all day sipping a latte, and playing with your iPhones, and be paid for it as the people on welfare are.

This trend has been building for almost 100 years, and the curve is starting to go parabolic then to flat. To use a fashionable word, it’s “unsustainable” for everyone to try living at the expense of everyone else. Think about it..

It’s not a pro-survival policy to consume more than you produce. It’s possible for a while, of course, but will wind up in disaster. The US government is encouraging you Artificial Citizen Person Entities to do just that, however, directly and indirectly. Think about it..

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