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Defining “Property” and Profits

The definition of “property” is the interest or equity one has in a thing or ownership. The thing is the principal. The property is the interest in the thing. Profits (interest) made from the property of another belong to the creator owner of the thing when registered, The STATE.

Profits were made by the deceivers by pledging the registered property in commercial markets, but the profits do not belong to the government deceivers. The profits belong to the Creator/Owner of the ‘things.’ That is always you, the people. The corporation only shows ownership of paper – titles to things as “CERTIFICATES OF TITLE”.

The substance cannot appear in legal fiction. [Watch the movie Last Action Hero and watch the confusion created when they try to mix substance and fiction.] Sometimes fiction is made to look very much like substance, but fiction can never become substance.

It is an impossibility! The same goes with your ALL CAPS NAME sounding the same as your given name in proper form with Upper case and Lower case letters as presented in proper English as taught in grade school and the Government Style NASA Publication.

The profits from all the registered things had to be put into a ‘constructive’ trust for the benefit of the owners, people as beneficiaries. If the profits were put into the general fund of the United States and not into separate trusts for the owners, the scheme would openly represent fraud.

The profits for each owner could not be commingled. If the owner failed to use his available remedy (fictional credits held in a constructive trust account, fund, or financial ledger) to benefit from the profits, it would not be the fault of the Government deceivers.

If the owner, you, failed to learn the law that would open the door to your remedy, it would not be the fault of the government deceivers.

You, the owner, are responsible for learning the law, so you comprehend that the profits from your things are available for you to discharge debts or charges brought against your public person, legal corporate fiction (Debtor-straw-man) by the United States with the New Credit Agreement Debt Lien Payoff registered security at Think about it..

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