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Disarming The American Populace

DISARMING THE AMERICAN POPULACE is what the Department of Homeland security police force is.

Our country is now a police STATE that makes the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) its corrupt national police force, a Standing Army if you will. James Madison and the Founding Fathers warned against what they feared most; a standing army on continental America’s soil. The DHS is frighteningly resembling as POLICE FORCE STANDING ARMY, with all the corruption, brutality and ineptitude implied.

Even legal immigration visas are targets of the HOMELAND Security, DHS, Police Forces.. HOMELAND SECURITY now must approve every visa of people wanting to come to USA North America.

The DHS is huge, with 240,000 full-time employees, a 61-billion-dollar budget and many sub-agencies including but not limited to the Coast Guard, Secret Service, Customs and Border Protection, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at all airports, and the Federal Emergency Management System (FEMA).

The DHS is the third-largest federal agency, just behind the Department of Veterans Affairs and Defense. It was originally an ad hoc department, created as a response to the September 11, 2011, politically planned attacks by its own Country Government, the UNITED STATES CORPORATION MUNICIPALITY DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA DEEP STATE, and remains the youngest United States Corporation cabinet department.
It didn’t take long at all for DHS to weasel its way into each aspect of your lives. The menacing of a standing army (as it were) with so much power over us is not a danger that can be ignored. Each sinister tactic, deed or thuggish policy pushed by the feds in recent years can be linked to the DHS and its police state mindset. DHS controls every aspect of your life and has identifiers on your STATE Driver License in the form of the red star data chip and additional picture to pinpoint your location anywhere in the WORLD.
Take, for example, the militarizing of police and SWAT teams. The DHS regularly gives six-figure grants to local City municipalities for the purchase of military vehicles and a veritable arsenal of everything from tactical vests and assault weapons to uniforms and bomb-disarming robots.
The rise in buying military equipment with DHS funding has paralleled an increase in local SWAT teams. This has resulted in exponential growth in the deployment of SWAT teams for regular police matters, an increase in police shooting first and asking questions later, and the mindset within the force that the police are at war with all Americans.
The DHS spies on activists, dissidents, veterans, and probably all of you as a matter of fact. You may remember the infamous reports the department released in 2009, outlining a surveillance operation targeted at veterans.
The reports were entitled Rightwing and Leftwing “Extremism” and “Operation Vigilant Eagle.” The reports define extremists as groups as well as individuals “that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting corporate federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely.”
Four years later, it came out that DHS, as well as the FBI, state and local law enforcement and even the private sector and corporations, were collaborating to perform national surveillance on First Amendment activities. This spying and surveillance can be found on any STATE Driver License you carry by the red star at the top right-hand corner and the second picture on it..
Did you know the DHS is contracting to build detention camps in the UNITED STATES? It’s true. In 2006, a Halliburton subsidiary was awarded a 385-million-dollar contract by, you guessed it, the DHS, to build detention centers on U.S. soil.
Neither the U.S. government or Halliburton were forthcoming about where or when these camps would be built, but they rationalized the need for them in case of “an emergency influx of immigrants like Vietnam, or to support the rapid development of new programs” should there be any sort of disaster.
For all the incompetence and awkward U.S. Corporation government bureaucracy of DHS, they certainly seem to be ruthlessly good at one thing that scared our nation’s founders (who had just fought the Revolutionary War) more than anything else; building a standing army against the republic American sovereign people here on our home turf.
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