"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Do You Believe In The Man Called JESUS??

Do you realize that JESUS CHRIST was just a common MAN, a Human Being, a JEW, a MAGICIAN OF SORTS SO PEOPLE WOULD HAVE faith IN HIM AS THE Son of God?

And the BIBLE was written by Prisoners?? These are facts…

Please, if you have faith in this man as a God or a SON of Gods, or anyone that can, will, and do control you by your faith in the BIBLE, JESUS CHRIST, or the Faith in the Banks or Corporate UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT by what you have been told or have read, comment on this video and let me, my readers, and my YouTube viewers know what you think..

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1 thought on “Do You Believe In The Man Called JESUS??”

  1. Dear Mr. David Young,
    You are a very knowledgeable smart Man. You have unveiled guarded “Truth”,
    Bankster Thieves don’t want “We the People” to know.
    Moreover, all organized religions are a Scam! to control people.
    We are greater than we think we are!!!
    Knowledge is Power.
    Thank you sooooooo much for sharing the “Truth” to set us free.
    I have been fighting foreclosure for over 5 years.
    Crooked Wells Fargo Bank (not Original lender) hired a major law firm attorneys to,
    foreclose my property in 2013.
    After i caught his LIE on paper (Subject to DISBARMENT), i submitted my Affidavit (followed by 23 pages) and filed, and made a Record at the County Ct. House.
    Attorney withdrew from the case, only to substitute himself with a Senior Attorney,
    of a different Law firm. I went after him with “Cease and Desist” orders. He stated in his last response that he won’t be responding to my “absurd demand of $1 Million in Lawful money (gold and silver coins).

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