Cancel Your Mortgage With The New Credit Agreement Payoff Security NOTE Draft Bank Business Instruments NOW!

Cancel Your Mortgage With The New Credit Agreement Debt Payoff Security NOTE Draft Bank and the Bill of Exchange Securities Bank Business Instruments to pay off your debt NOW!

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"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, YOU are now SHACKLED with Bank Fraud DEBT."
PSALMS 23, The Lord Is My Shepard!

Federal Reserve Notes From Social Security Insurance Pays U S Debt

Federal Reserve Notes From Social Security Insurance Pays U S Debt since the date you were born when your parent(s) registered a Birth Certificate for you.

Your parents also signed an application for a Social Security Number that made you a debt slave to the UNITED STATES Government, your BIG DADDY. NOW you are the UNITED STATE Government’s Bitch Debt Slave for Life!
Federal Reserve Notes From Social Security Insurance Pays U S Debt
Federal Reserve notes are not redeemable in gold, silver, or any other commodity since January 30, 1934, when the Congress amended Section 16 of the Federal Reserve Act to read: “The said [Federal Reserve] notes shall be obligations of the United States….They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand at the Treasury Department of the United States, in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, or at any Federal Reserve bank.” Federal Reserve notes have not been redeemable in silver since 1965.

All notes, monetized debt, increases the banker money supply with the bank’s creation of debt money (deposits) by bookkeeping entries under Generally Accepted Accounting Practices, GAAP. This increases the monetary base that leads to a larger increase in the money supply by fractionalized banking as deposits in the clean collection department to the U.S. Treasury in Washington, DC and are then re-deposited where these accounting entries form the basis of further alleged bank loans.

The Federal Reserve Note (I.O.U.) like a mortgage note security is not backed by gold nor anything else but the ‘full faith and credit’ of the US Government… It is backed by you, or your taxes, or the belief that the government can somehow make good its promises.  It’s all a CONfidence game.

Federal Reserve notes are created out of thin air.  The vast majority come into existence via ledger entries in an electronic spreadsheet using your birth certificate and Social Security Insurance to pay your debts.
The Federal Reserve’s game is to create ‘money’ out of thin air using electronic accounting bookkeeping entries against the GAAP and lend it back to you; thus, charging you for using it. 
The more money they create and lend by using or monetizing your debt signature on a promissory note or debt application, the more profit the banks make. As a result, the less spending power you have, because of the Federal Reserve’s over issuance of the worthless paper everyone calls currency or money.  What a R.I.C.O. Racketeering and Ponzi-Scam by the Banks!

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