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Principles of law to remember

Forced Law of Contracts for Municipal UNITED STATES Corporation Government Services, Privileges, and Benefits – Part 5

How do you use this knowledge in your everyday lives to exercise your free individual sovereignty? Everyone, sovereign, and Citizen Person Subject alike are protected by the due process clauses of the 1787 territorial federal constitution and its Fourteenth Amendment.

This gives you the doorway to ask about the underlying obligations any person asserts that you may have. In the peoples’ realm, this questioning process is called the common law process and specifically a demure.
So a demure is asking questions, right?
Yes, and you can demure or ask questions of any judge in any hearing civil or criminal land he/she must answer your questions before proceeding with the case!!

In the corporate realm, this process is called administrative procedure or courtroom procedure. This procedure has been around for many millennia.
This exact same procedure is found in Biblical text. In the garden God did not accuse any wrongdoing, only asked questions.

The ancient Judean version is found in scripture. “If they have a dispute with thy brother, go to him first in private and seek a resolution. If you cannot resolve the dispute privately go to thy brother with one or two witnesses and seek a remedy. If those procedures do not resolve the conflict then and only then do you seek the assistance of the judges in resolving the dispute.”

The Sub-Corporation’s Current administrative procedures codes and statutes provide that you first go privately to the corporate officer or agency you believe you have a conflict with. This is done in writing with a qualified written request, QWR. The officer or agency representative Agent for the bank or other corporation then either agrees with you and sets the record straight regarding the dispute or controverts (disagrees) with your allegations and claims and ALWAYS asks for more information in their form letters as an answer.

If the officer or agency representative controverts the allegations and claims, a third party witness generally known as an administrative hearings officer or an administrative law judge admiralty and maritime Corporate Business British Accreditation Registry, B.A.R., ATTORNEY COURT is brought in to assist in attempting to resolve the issues in a lawsuit.
If either party disagrees with the findings of the administrative law referee then the judiciary is brought in to resolve the controversy in the form of an “appeal”.
Think about it..

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