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PSALMS 23, The Lord Is My Shepard!

Principles of law to remember

Forced Law of Contracts for Municipal UNITED STATES Corporation Government Services, Privileges, and Benefits – Part 6

The Freedom of Information Act, known as FOIA, and the Privacy Act are in reality the free sovereign peoples‘ common law subpoena power.

These principles are also enacted for the Federal Territorial Sub-Corporation States and their municipal corporations commonly called public disclosure laws. Each federal agency has specific published regulations and procedures governing its common law administrative proceedings or Tort Claim Petitions in a Court of Record in exclusive common law, not a legal ATTORNEY claim without any proof or positive evidence complaint.
Nearly every state agency has published regulations and procedures governing its common law administrative proceedings.

Law schools teach their students that they should never ask a question in a trial that they do not already know the answer to. It makes it seem that they are working for you, the person paying them.

When in fact, these hired BAR ATTORNEYS work for the COURT!!
In our written Client instructions, the answers are right below each Judge’s Question for you to know. This is good advice for anyone involved in litigation even at the administrative level.

As the Founding Fathers pointed out “Know the Law“.

This knowledge is not for the purpose of telling your adversary the law.

They are already presumed to know their own over 82 million laws that keep growing each year.
This is why you ask questions to get them to answer in your favor.

Knowledge of the law will allow you to formulate questions of your adversary that will lead to your opponent having to assert the very position you want the record to reflect.
Since your adversary has now asserted your position you now simply agree with your adversary and win. Scripture teaches “Agree with thine adversary quickly“, so does law.
Think about it.

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