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PSALMS 23, The Lord Is My Shepard!

Freedom is Just Another Word For…

Nothing left to lose, that’s all the Government has left me. And this is why you think you still have freedom in America when you DON’T..

You still have everything to lose, even your soul, spirit, labor, and what you perceive as money under the BAR COURT fraud.
The U.S. Government’s word for FREEDOM is just another legalese word for NOTHING left to lose as a debt slave.. The CAP Security Negotiable Instrument can help.

The Government has stolen your Common Law Freedom under the Republic Constitution For the United States of America Union of republic Nations and has replaced almost all of your Rights and Freedom with Government BENEFITS, WELFARE, DEPENDENCE, lies, and made you all debt slaves of the elite Central BANKSTERS, CREDITOR CORPORATIONS, and Corporate Government that is controlled by the Banks under the Private Foreign BAR Association Admiralty Commercial COURTS!!

The government has taken away your Right to live your life with liberty, to do as you wish when you do not infringe or hurt another man or woman.. The government has taken away your Right to free uncensored speech from the Republican Constitution and replaced it with a Communist Democracy and censored news and education..

The government has taken away your Right to common law justice and replaced it with private BAR BUSINESS COURTS in Maritime Admiralty of the sea where only the BAR ATTORNEY JUDGES control the Government Democratic COURTS and YOU, as debt slaves, under the direction of the BANKS, COURTS, and Government.

Government is trying to take away your Right to bear arms or to own guns for you self-protection and hunting, etc. which are literarily your basic Rights under the Bill of Rights, the Second Amendment.. The government has taken away your organic Republic 1776 Declaration of Independence, 1789 Constitution, and constitutional common laws and replaced them with Democracy, Statutes, Codes, Rules, Regulations, and Public (Government) Policy under Color of law.

There have NOT been any new laws passed since 1861 when President LINCOLN wrote the first Executive Order as the Corporate CFO and placed the United States continental land area under Military Admiralty Law of the sea, which is Color of Law made to look like real common law..

The government has taken away your peace protection and has replaced it with a standing Army Police that arrests you, the Government CODE breakers, and robes you by charging you fees in their BAR Business Debt Collector COURTS for BANKS with debt administrators in black dresses that you are told and think our judges.. What are you going to do about this? Anything??

If you are happy being a debt slave and always owing on an imaginary Bank Loan Debt that you funded and the loss of your rights and Freedom, then do NOTHING and live as a DEBT SLAVE forever as you are doing now..

BUT if you wish to live in true Republic Nation with full freedom and no government spying on you and ready to enjoy all your rights, freedom, and liberty with your Pursuit of Happiness with true common law justice to do anything you wish to do except hurt or do harm or injury to your fellow man, then I urge you to go to and become a Texian. At least read the site.. Think about it..

Each Processed Credit Agreement Debt Payoff, Security at and are Registered State Licensed Processed Credit Agreement Payoff Negotiable Security Instruments, similar to FRN Dollars; Mortgage Promissory NOTES; and Mortgage Debt Lien Securities.. CAP Security Instruments are also used as money for debt payoff similar to bank created money, debt, and loans.. Banks verify and accept the CAP Security to pay off mortgages and debts; the maturity date is over 9 months which qualifies the CAP Security as Bank Verified money with no interest; NOT Capital Gains Taxable; are notarized; are registered securities pursuant to Law; pays bank claimed debt, and meets all Negotiable Instrument laws.

I am NOT an Attorney and do NOT practice Law.. I have attended many court cases, conducted countless interviews with Banksters, Attorneys, Law, and COURT officials in my 17 years of research to uncover banking fraud facts, that are in my client instructions..

We help you fight bank and foreclosure fraud and win any COURT case.. Details are in the CAP Security client instructions that have been proven to win any court case hearing or Trial By Jury.. This is why we offer a 90% Money Back Guarantee for our processing if you don’t win.

Visit and invest in Texas Republic Nation, TRNcoins backed by Physical Commodities by a March 2018 U.S. Supreme Court Ruling, making TRNcoins real lawful money that you can buy anything with that the FRN dollar buys..

Buy a Home or Commercial property with just the down payment at the closing table at

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Become a Free Texian National and sovereign man or woman at

Please, subscribe to my video channel and comment on all my videos if you have questions.. Let us know what you think so you may be able to help other people, Okay?? Have a great life debt free and may God Bless..

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  1. the name is stiled The United States of America.

    : I am, I am known as one of the people. ron vrooman the common man, private; Ronald Charles Vrooman in cursive on my birth certificate and as trustee to the Private Membership Association RONALD CHARLES VROOMAN, THE STRAW MAN; also known as Ronald Charles Vrooman Private Attorney Generals by the United States Congress 42 U.S.C.1988 and18 U.S.C.1510 and 18 U.S.C. 1512 and to be known as “One of the People” also “Qualified Criminal Investigator” and “Federal Witness” and by unrebutted affidavit. Status identified and unrebutted. Others to be named and added later. US Navy veteran. The flesh blood and soul, body-mind-spirit, a man, on Oregon, an Oregonian, a Continuous Traveler, a non-US citizen, born August 14, 1938 Reno, Nevada, with two ancestors, a father and son direct blood-line, that fought for New York in our Revolution. My mother’s father born Stockwell-Gonzalez 1876 New Mexico. General Delivery Beaverton, Oregon [97005] 503 641 8375

  2. Alvera Giulio

    Hello! I finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout-out from Texas! Just wanted to say thanks for paying off my business loan, David! You really saved my business. Thanks again.

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