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PSALMS 23, The Lord Is My Shepard!

Government fraud as stated by federal world postal court judges

Government FRAUD as Stated by Federal World Postal Court Judges – Final Part 8

Police and courts state that anyone who performs a Crime is automatically a Debt Slave and is no longer a part of the organic law Articles of Confederation” Constitution; Rewritten 1787 Territorial Federal Constitution; and the ACT OF 1871 Corporate Constitution.

The government then calls you the sovereign man or woman an outlaw, jailbird, prisoner, felon, or terrorist.

This is why government corporations criminalize Civil misdemeanors into Crimes and then charge interest, interest rates, fees, direct taxes, indirect taxes, jail time, or prison time while treating you as a commercial legal fiction property.

The 13th Amendment states the Abolishment of Slavery, debt slavery, and involuntary servitude has an exemption and does not apply to you when a crime is committed. Yet the police and courts are criminalizing things of a civil nature with the issue of speeding ticket fines, court appearances, and unknown accidents like dropping a piece of paper out of our pocket and you call it against littering or environmental law that you created as a criminal action.

With these actions by the Corporate Government Police, they have entered you into slavery and involuntary servitude debt slavery and placed you in their HUMAN TRAFFICKING SCAM. The police then bring you into their Admiralty and Maritime Private Corporate Business Courts to pay their extortion money fees. Police, Courts, and Government themselves are the criminals.

Your name has been entered into the United States Corporation and you give up your sweat equity, God-given Rights, and Freedoms as they are then the Master. You are then the paying Debt Slave in involuntary servitude.

There are over 2.3 million American people in the Government’s Territorial Federal and State Private prisons. Police are participating in Slave Trade Criminal activities which is a crime in itself and a criminal offense.

The Police, Courts, and Government state that if you are a criminal, you are not part of any Constitution. And their privately printed counterfeit promissory note paper debt dollars pretend to be money and legal currency that hold no value with no intrinsic value or consideration. Legal is for Corporations.. Lawful are for sovereign flesh and blood men and women.

Public equals FEMA Camps, Business Jails, Private Prisons, and Penitentiaries. A Country’s Embassy in the near future will be the new World Federal Postal Courts to protect all the people.

The 13th Amendment applies to all Americans, sovereigns, and Citizens alike

Read and comprehend this 13th Amendment today.
Think about it..

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