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Mortgage Procedure Terminates Home Mortgage Lien – Home Mortgage Process Education

Home Mortgage Relief Process

When you’ve experienced 2 or more of the first 22 steps of the home mortgage relief process below, your home mortgage is REMOVABLE by Home Mortgage Relief Process – Fraud Uncovered  Due To Lending Mortgage FRAUD:

1. Title Company or Closing Attorney hurriedly has you sign Promissory Note, Mortgage, Deed of Trust, etc. at closing without giving you time to read and understand what you are signing or initialing. [FRAUD]

2. No Notary Present to witness signature most of the time and is notarized later after you leave. [FRAUD]

You get keys to your new house.

2-3 days later Lender closes the 2nd time at a secret closing.

5. At 2nd closing Lender Stamps an Allonge without legal disclosure, your knowledge, or your consent. [FRAUD]

Allonge says “Pay To The Order of, WITHOUT RECOURSE, to lender and is signed by your reported Lender Representative.” [FRAUD]

7. Lender changed the NOTE Into a Check by the allonge stamp and signature. Lender gets the first loan, FREE MONEY, from you to deposit into illegal bank account for the loan amount. [FRAUD]

8. You gave Lender the first LOAN as per your signed NOTE unknowingly, without legal disclosure, or your consent when Lender signed the allonge on your NOTE changing it into a check with the Pat To The Order Of statement. [FRAUD]

9. Copy of Note is created for Lender and Servicer future illegal endeavors and foreclosure.

10. Note never recorded against State and Federal law. [FRAUD]

11. Lender deposits your new Bank/Lender check loan (NOTE) into a bank account.

Lender assets INCREASE by illegal NOTE amount and you are in mortgage debt. [FRAUD]

Lender never lends you Lender’s money or Lender’s depositors’ money for your alleged loan. [FRAUD]

Lender creates money from thin air by bookkeeping entries. [FRAUD]

Lender gives your loan to them back to you as a loan from Lender without disclosure, your consent, or your knowledge to avoid paying income taxes. [FRAUD]

You pay Principal Plus Interest on illegal loan. [FRAUD]

17. Lender gets 9 times your loan amount from U.S Treasury Department- Private Corporation before it goes into a Trust.

18. Lender writes a check from your new strawman account to pay off old mortgage and owner. [FRAUD]

Days to 3 months later, Lender assigns sells, your illegal mortgage loan to another bank/Lender/Investor group.

Assignments are not recorded against State Law. [FRAUD]

21. New owner or Lender sets up security Trust and securities your illegal mortgage loan including the Mortgage and Note.

22. You pay yourr Bank Servicer illegal principal and interest on an illegal loan, because they are just a Third Party Debt Collector under Federal Law. [FRAUD]

23. 4 scenarios to pay off your illegal mortgage:

1. YOU Pay 30 years on your illegal mortgaged home, because you think the bank actually loaned you money. [Your Passive [FRAUD]

2. YOU Sell the house and lose money in interest payments.

3. YOUR Home goes into foreclosure or short sale and YOU lose home and money you have already paid. [FRAUD]

4. YOU get illegal mortgage REMOVED & Own your Home FREE & CLEAR years earlier with help from Day Global, LLC. – Fraud Uncovered…

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We stress that we are not lawyers nor accountants and do not give legal nor accounting advice.
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This Administrative Default process manual, letters, and forms are for educational purposes only. Follow this advice at your own risk. It has worked for other people in all States to get a Satisfaction of Mortgage or go online and search your State Laws yourself. All you need do is enter “Your State name and “Mortgage assignment statute”.

Always see a real estate attorney or a private attorney familiar with your state laws governing mortgages or contact the local bar association or the local Legal Aid or Legal Services office or other organizations such as Legal Counsel for the Elderly. You may also wish to contact your State Attorney General’s office or a local community protection agency.

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