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PSALMS 23, The Lord Is My Shepard!


Do you know that the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, CITY OF WASHINGTON, in the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, is a MUNICIPALITY CORPORATION STATE called the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA that came into existence by a CORPORATE STATUTE as a MUNICIPALITY Corporation Seat of the new corporate UNITED STATES government in the 1860s without your, the American Peoples’, knowledge by a group of a few Foreign BANKERS?? YES!!

Your Constitution was robbed from you, the people, at this time officially by the Congress Corporation Act of 1871 known as the Second Constitution which you, CITIZEN DEBT SLAVES, know today..

This CORPORATE MUNICIPALITY is the same as Chicago, STATE OF ILLINOIS; NEW YORK CITY, STATE OF NEW YORK; BOSTON, STATE OF MASSACHUTTESS; SAN FRANCISCO, STATE OF CALIFORNIA; AUSTIN, STATE OF TEXAS, etc. in ALL CAPITAL SYMBOL TEXT, but is located outside the 50 organic republic individual state nations under the organic 1787 Constitution For the united States of America Union.
This MUNICIPALITY STATE OF CORPORATION was originally established to control the CITIZENS of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA MUNICIPALITY and TERRITORIES ONLY, not you, the American people, who live or habitat the original 50 republic colony nations that are not all CAPITALIZED?? YES, WASHINGTON is just an incorporated CITY in the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, STATE OF, a MUNICIPALITY Corporation the same as McDonalds, Wall Mart Stores, or any BANK Corporation!!

So why is it that you, people, believe that this CITY STATE MUNICIPALITY Corporation can control you and all the other 50 Republic individual state Nations who formed a single Union of these nations for protection and created governments for guidance, not for control over you, the people..
You created, established, and are supposed to control your creation of republic state, STATE OF Corporations, and UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT with their Franchises, their STATES OF Corporate Governments that rule over you today and with tracking and controlling your every movement today?? Do the words REVOLT!! REVELOUTION!! GAIN BACK CONTROL!! Mean anything to you?? WHY, are you letting the Corporate Government do this to you?? You civilian hunters have more guns than the U.S. Military.. Does this ring a bell or are you brain dead?? WHY??

Because, YOU ALLOW IT.. It is because you, the sheeple, collateral capital debt legal fiction non-human, dead, lost at sea government CITIZEN entities, known as STRAWMEN and STRAWWOMEN in ALL CAPITAL Legal Fiction SYMBOL TEXT that you think are English Grammar letters and natural text of your God given name and you, the unratified 14th amendment U.S. CITIZENS, believe that the Corporate Government, your forefathers created for you to rule them, can rule you, because you allow it.

Do you remember how you were taught to write your name in grammar school with ONLY the first letter of your name capitalized?? And now the Government Municipality Corporation has everything in all capital initial symbols to control and rule over you WITH your permission because you use it.. Are you going to question and fight for your freedom from your debt slavery starting today?? If so…

Call your MUNICIPAL foreign Corporate Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Representatives, Meyers, all Government officials that you voted in and tell them “NO MORE, YOU WANT YOUR FREEDOM, RIGHTS, JUSTICE IN THE COURTS, AND PROPERTY FROM CORPORATE MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT BACK or start a Revolution today!!”

After all you, the sovereign people, created the MUNICIPALITY GOVERNMENT, right?? WRONG!!
The foreign Bankers created it officially in 1871, unofficially in 1860.. WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA MUNICIPALITY or STATE OF MUNICIPALITY Government did not create you, did it?? BUT it does rule over and controls your every action, right, you collateral debt slaves??

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