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NOTICE OF Promissory Note Authorities In Support Of LPN Securities As Money Part 15

NOTICE OF LPN Security LAW – Authorities in Support of LPN Security Money PART 15, the last part of this series.

In Conclusion: When a Commercial Bank sends the instrument to the Secretary of the Treasury for discharge of its own obligations and a problem arises concerning the instrument, a commercial response of some kind is required and the bank must let you know. There is a legal liability of the government to a negotiable legal tender obligation that you present to the bank to discharge and pay off your pretend loan upon the United States government sent to them for acceptance by a member Federal Reserve Bank after they received it and became responsible for it.

The Treasury has an obligation as a department of the corporate government serving the public interest to the bank which as a member of the Federal Reserve System a private corporation that has a commercial obligation to an account holder and a 3rd party that is you, who tendered the item in payment to tell you that it’s not any good or it’s not going to be honored, even if they wanted to keep it for prosecution or investigation they must return it to you because it is your property. This is in effect what the directive says the government and banks will do if it’s no good. Remember, the bank has to send you a Notice of Dishonor or pay off your debts with the bank approved, accepted, and verified Medallion Stamped LPN Negotiable Security.

What does the color of law UCC, statutory law, regulations, Codes, rules, or court case law tell you about what that obligation is?

They do not dishonor it in any way by return of the item or the sending of any verbal or written notice to that effect, or make request for additional information or time for examination of the instrument, or given a statement of explanation indicating the time frame for its review and settlement if it would be an inordinately lengthy time as longer than 60 days to finish with it. If our LPN Security is not dishonored, it is good and negotiable by the Federal Laws, UCC Laws, United States Laws, American Common Laws and International Common Laws and cannot be lawfully nor legally returned after your bank accepts it as payment as a legal and lawful Bilateral Contract under the UCC Commercial Contract Laws.

The security instruments that are being kept, held, and without return or dishonor by the bank, are accepted as an obligation of the United States in the discharge and recovery of the public debt as it makes claim on its face to be.

Put another way: If the bank had had to pay the item to honor its customer agreement as if it had been a bank or government check, what would or could the bank be trying to do with it to finally settle the account?

The bank needs to treat the Instrument tendered as an obligation of the United States to the bank. The tender of our LPN Negotiable Security instruments discharge the obligation of the debt for which they are delivered and the payee bank becomes the new holder in due course and collection agent on the instruments from the United States Treasury Department. This is the law and why all the banks have accepted all our registered under the SEC Rules LPN Negotiable Securities.

BUT the good news is that the Texas Republic Nation now has TRN cyber coins soon to be released to the world and backed by intrinsic valued precious metals, Gold, Silver, timber, precious minerals, and oil from the Texas Republic land area, consisting of nearly 1 million square miles reaching from what is now known as the STATE OF TEXAS all the way to the STATE OF CALIFORNIA’s Pacific Ocean shoreline to the west. You can also get out of your Corporate UNITED STATES debt slavery prison now by going to and read about our preprocessed LPN Negotiable Security that legally, by UCC Law, can be used as money and pay off your debts and save you Thousands of Dollars. It is not the cost of processing, but the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS YOU CAN SAVE by using our bank proven LPN Security process. Just order the $19.95 LPN E-booklet for information and education and decide for yourself.

Remember this LPN Security process is not a DO IT YOURSELF Process as I am the only Licensed LPN and IPN Security processor in the United States, USA.

This is the Texas Republic Chief Justice Judge for Travis County, in Austin, David Allen Young, bidding you a great life with freedom, justice, and restored GOD Given rights as a Texian.
When you decide to join us in the Texas Republic Nation just contact me or any other Texas Republic Judge for the county you live in and I or they will swear you in as a Texian after only 6 months of living in the Texas Republic consisting of The States OF Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The Texas Republic is a Sovereign Nation bordering the countries of the United States and Mexico.

This concludes our Authority series. Be sure to watch our other videos dealing with our Bank approved accepted, and verified LPN Negotiable Securities and our Sovereign Texas Republic Nation. Thank all of you for watching and I hope, learning and educating yourselves on the TRUTH!

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