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NOTICE OF Promissory Note Authorities In Support Of LPN Securities As Money Part 8

TITLE 31, SUBTITLE IV, CHAPTER 51, SUB-CHAPTER 1, Sec. 5103 states:

Legal Tender – United States coins and currency (including Federal Reserve promissory notes and circulating notes of Federal Reserve Banks and National Banks such as the Private Bankers Bank, N.A.) are legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues. (emphasis added).

But this official definition for ‘legal tender’ was first established in HJR-192 (1933) and Public Law and Policy 73-10 in the same act that made Federal Reserve Promissory Notes and notes of national banking associations, such as the LPN Security Note from the Private Bankers Bank a National Association and unincorporated common law bank legal tender.

H.J. Res. 192. 73rd Congress, 1st Session which part of it was repealed in 1982. Public Policy and Law 73-10. 73rd Congress, 10th Session has never been repealed and states that the United States Corporate Government is obligated to pay your fake debts but never tells you how. Our LPN Security is how to discharge your debts so you owe nothing and save tens of thousands of Dollars.

As used in this HJR-192 resolution, the term “obligation” means an obligation (including every obligation of and to the United States, excepting currency which is promissory notes) payable in money of the United States which are debt instruments and not lawful gold and silver coin money; and the term “coin or currency” means coin or currency of the United States, including Federal Reserve promissory notes and circulating notes of Federal Reserve Banks and National Banking Associations such as our LPN Security Notes from Private bankers Bank, N.A.

“All coins and currencies of the United States (including Federal Reserve Promissory Notes and circulating notes of Federal Reserve Banks and National Banking Associations such as our LPN Security Notes) heretofore or hereafter coined or issued, shall be legal tender for all debts, for public and private, public charges, taxes, duties, and dues,”

[USC Title 12.221 Definitions – “The terms “national bank” and “national banking association”… shall be held to be synonymous and interchangeable.”]

“notes of national banks ” or “national banking associations” LPN Security Notes have continuously been maintained in the official definition of legal tender since June 5, 1933 to the present day, when the term had never been used to define “currency” or “legal tender” before that.

Prior to 1933 the forms of currency in use that were legal tender were many and varied: – United States Gold Certificates – United States Notes – Treasury Notes – Interest Bearing Notes – Gold Coins of United States – Standard Silver Dollars – Subsidiary Silver Coins – Minor Coins – Commemorative Coins – but the list did not include federal reserve promissory notes or notes of national banks or national banking associations despite the fact national bank promissory notes were a common medium of exchange or “currency” and had been, almost since the founding of our banking system and were backed by United States bonds or other securities on deposit for the bank with the US Treasury.

Further, from the time of their inclusion in the definition they have been phased out until presently all provisions in the United States Code pertaining to incorporated federally chartered national banking institutions issuing, redeeming, replacing and circulating promissory notes have all been repealed: Since our Private Bankers Bank National Association is a common law bank and not incorporated, it is not included and has never been repealed to pay off debts.

As stated in “Money & Banking” 4th Edition, by David H. Friedman, published by the American Bankers Association, page 78, “Today commercial banks no longer issue currency.”

It is clear, federally incorporated banking institutions FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS subject to the restrictions and repealed provisions of Title 12, are not those primarily referred to maintained in the current definition of “legal tender”.

BUT the good news is that the Texas Republic Nation now has TRN cyber coins soon to be released to the world and backed by intrinsic valued precious metals, Gold, Silver, timber, and oil from the Texas Republic land area, nearly 1 million square miles reaching from what is now known as the STATE OF TEXAS all the way to the STATE OF California’s Pacific Ocean shoreline to the west and you can also get out of your Corporate UNITED STATES debt slavery prison now by going through this website and read about our preprocessed LPN Negotiable Security that legally can be used as money and pay off your debts and save you Thousands of Dollars. It is not the cost of processing, but the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS YOU SAVE by using our bank proven process. Just order the $19.95 LPN E-booklet for information and education and decide for yourself. Remember this process is not a DO IT YOURSELF Process as I am the only Licensed LPN Security processor in the United States or USA.

This is the Texas Republic Chief Justice Judge for Travis County, David Allen Young, bidding you a great life with freedom, justice, and restored rights as a Texian. When you decide to join us in the Texas Republic Nation just contact me or any Texas Republic Judge for the county you live in and I or they will swear you in as a Texian after only 6 months of living in the Texas Republic consisting of The States OF Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The Texas Republic is a Sovereign Nation bordering the countries of the United States and Mexico.

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