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Cancel Your Mortgage With The New Credit Agreement Debt Payoff Security NOTE Draft Bank and the Bill of Exchange Securities Bank Business Instruments to pay off your debt NOW!

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"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, YOU are now SHACKLED with Bank Fraud DEBT."
PSALMS 23, The Lord Is My Shepard!


Save Home – Save Home can get your house Free and Clear of your first mortgage lien in any State, even if you’re facing home foreclosure or are underwater.


Just imagine if you could Save Your Home and have no more mortgage payments, prevent foreclosure, and just pay you property taxes and your home insurance would be optional since you would own your home free and clear.
Now you can…

100s of home owners have Saved their Home using this 3 step method. YOU TOO can SAVE HOME, STOP Foreclosure, Legally STOP Making Mortgage Payments, and Own YOUR Home FREE and CLEAR.

How Would YOU Like To:

  • Immediately SAVE Your Home, STOP or Prevent Foreclosure, and Continue Living in Your Home for FREE!
  • Lawfully Remove Your Lender’s Lien from Your Property, and Own Your Home and Property FREE and CLEAR!
  • Save Your Home By Satisfying Your Home Mortgage Loan Without Paying Your Lender a Dime, and Own Your Home and property FREE and CLEAR!
  • Legally STOP Making Your Home Mortgage Payments Forever, and Own YOUR Home and Property FREE and CLEAR from your lender’s mortgage lien!

Forget Home Mortgage Loan Modifications and Short Sales that ruin your credit!

This is 100 Times BETTER!

Owe More Money on Your Home Than What Your Property is Worth?

We Fix that too with our Save Your Home and prevent foreclosure method. As you know, American home owners are losing their homes in record numbers.

The good news is that our Proven 3 Phase Process will show You exactly how YOU too can easily SAVE YOUR HOME and do away with your mortgage, even if you owe more than what your home is worth.

The Truth is, You’ve been Lied to and are being Ripped Off by Your Lender!

Save Your Home, stop foreclosure, and get your home and property free and clear is a Federal law upheld in many courts across the Nation.

Your mortgage lender is relying on you to be Ignorant, Lazy, Afraid, and to simply do NOTHING, so they can take your home in foreclosure or make you pay 3 times the amount of your original mortgage loan.

Here are the Dirty Little Secrets that your mortgage lender does NOT want you to know to Save any Home…

Your mortgage lender has conned and lied to you! Lenders do NOT keep their mortgage notes, but instead they sell them through “fractionalized” mortgage-backed securities to mostly Wall Street investors, You know the ones with your BAIL OUT MONEY!.

(“fractionalized” means the note was destroyed by the Federal Security Law when it was sold into a Trust and divided into hundreds of pieces, repackaged, and then sold to Investors with thousands of members receiving a small share of the converted stock or bond certificate without your knowledge or concent.)

This means that NO one person or entity actually owns the note! Which means that NO one person or entity can LEGALLY foreclose on your home or property if you have the knowledge and evidence we give you and fight back to protect your home!

Read that again… NO one person or entity can LEGALLY foreclose on YOUR property, because they (your lender) does not actually have a LEGAL claim to your note and mortgage anymore, because it was put into a Trust with illegal securitization, turned into a certificate, fractionalized, sold again to investors, which is now an illegal lien on your home from your original lender or your pretender lender.

We show you EXACTLY how to remove the illegal mortgage lien and how to STOP a home foreclosure, enabling you to automatically OWN YOUR HOME FREE AND CLEAR!
There’s more…

Remember, your original mortgage lender sold their mortgage-backed securities to investors, and immediately made a profit!

But when the mortgage and real estate markets began to collapse in 2006, more and more borrowers started to fall into foreclosure, and as more and more foreclosures started happening. It was a disaster to the banking industry, which was the lender’s own fault for trying to perpetrate the fraud, and now pulling off one of the biggest scams in the history of this country!

The mortgage bankers then went to congress and said, “Please bail us out. If you don’t, we’ll go out of business and this will lead to the collapse of the financial system”.

So congress thought they had no other choice than to immediately implement the one trillion dollar bail out using YOUR tax money.

So what actually happened? It means, that the bank was PAID in full for all the mortgages outstanding from an act of congress, even though the bank already made a huge profit when they sold their mortgage-backed securities to investors.

Yes. The lenders were paid AGAIN using YOUR MONEY for the same supposed NOTE and MORTGAGE loan! LOAN!!!!????? The banks nor lender invested or spent a penny, because your debt signature and good credit funded your loan that you freely gave to the bank so they could loan it back to you as a loan. This is confusing, isn’t it???

STOP! There’s even more…

The banks and lenders are being paid a 3rd time, this time with interest, by YOU, when you make your mortgage payments! So your lender has already made huge profits from your loan, at least twice, and now they are foreclosing on your home or won’t reduce your note to the fair value of your home? Right?

Does that sound fair to you? WELL IT’S NOT!

We can provide you with a Legal and Lawful, Very Simple, 3 Phase Process that may allow you to STOP lenders dead in their tracks if they’re trying to foreclose on your home, or ANY property for that matter, enabling you to own your home FREE and CLEAR, by LEGALLY satisfying your loan, WITHOUT PAYING THEM A DIME!

Do You need to Prevent Foreclosure To Save Your Home?

Our Proven, Simple 3 Phase Process can EASILY help prevent your foreclosure!

If you are already in Foreclosure, then You MUST Stop The Foreclosure Process Right Away! YOU may be able to, VERY EASILY, accomplish this using the (fill in the blank) Stop Your Foreclosure Letter that is included in Your Save Home Package. This letter may IMMEDIATELY STOP Your Foreclosure, citing precedent setting cases that should ensure positive results.

Is Save Your Home REALLY that SIMPLE?


Although the information and court evidence we provide you have been a fiercely guarded secret by the bank and legal community, now ANYONE, yes even YOU, can do this using our Proven, Simple 3 Phase Process.

This is a Legal and Lawful Process that 100s of home owners have successfully used all over the country to Stop Foreclosures, Remove The Mortgage Lien, and Own Their Home FREE and CLEAR, and NOW SO CAN YOU!

They just simply followed our Proven 3 Phase Process.

YES, ANYONE CAN EASILY DO THIS… INCLUDING YOU! Right from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t waste YOUR time trying to get a Lender Loan Modification, or Short Sale, because you’ll need your bank’s approval.

Do YOU know anyone that has ever gotten a permanent loan modification or short sale? This is 100 Times BETTER and it WORKS!

Here’s EVERYTHING that’s included in our PROVEN 3 Phase Process Save Your Home Package

As soon as You start reading through the step-by-step manual you’ll be equipped with the Proven knowledge, tools, and information needed to Save Your Home! You will go from desperation and hopelessness to being fully confident knowing that You have everything that You need to Save Your Home.

By Simply Following a PROVEN 3 Phase Process, You can SAVE YOUR HOME!

If you are current with your mortgage payments, in Foreclosure, or owe more on your home than what it is worth, then why are you allowing your lender to keep Ripping You Off, when YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO and SAVE YOUR HOME YOURSELF?

What would YOU do with ALL THAT EXTRA MONEY if YOU could Legally STOP Paying YOUR mortgage and own YOUR HOME FREE and CLEAR?

But MOST Importantly…

What are YOU going to do when YOU Lose Your Home to Foreclosure or keep making those monthly mortgage payments when you are bearly making ends meet, and not be able to Save Your Home?

If you’re here reading this, then you are either in foreclosure, or you owe more money on your home than what it’s worth. Are we right?

If you’re in foreclosure, it’s only a matter of time before YOU WILL LOSE YOUR HOME! What will you do then? Impose on your family or friends and try to move in with them? Try to move into an apartment? That will be nearly impossible, because of your bad credit! Become homeless?

YOU had better start facing reality, because if you do NOTHING, your lender will be taking YOUR HOME, and that’s what you’ll deserve. It’s ONLY a matter of time!

BUT, there’s NO REASON TO RUIN YOUR LIFE OR CREDIT, because when You follow our Simple 3 Phase Process the sheriff won’t be coming to your home and throwing you out on the street. You won’t even have to move!

You’ll receive EVERYTHING that YOU need to STOP Foreclosure and SAVE YOUR HOME, Remove the Illegal Lender’s Mortgage Lien on Your home and Property, and Satisfy Your Loan Without Paying Your Lender another dime, enabling You to Own Your Home FREE and CLEAR… GUARANTEED!

Please note that you don’t have to be in foreclosure to benefit from our Proven Process, and it will work on ANY mortgage loan! You just have to be persistant and follow through.

If You’re looking for a Proven Process to Save Home[s] that actually works…YOU FOUND IT!

The Home Saver Information About The Bank’s Fraud Has Been Featured On Fox News Channel, CNBC, the Conspiracy Theory, just to name a few.

So, how much would you expect to pay for this Powerful Information, that has already saved 1000s of people’s homes?

Well, an attorney will charge you $9,000 – $20,000, possibly more with no guarantee of anything except getting more money from you! We could easily get $4,000 for this information, including a Securitization Audit that gives you court evidence to save your home, but we want to make sure that this information is affordable to EVERYONE that needs it, so we are offering the complete Proven, SAVE HOME Home Saver Package for ONLY $4,000 that can be in 2 or 3 equal monthly payments!

BUT, don’t let our LOW PRICE fool you, because this POWERFUL information works, and when it is followed, it WILL SAVE any HOME!

Isn’t that ALL worth ONLY $4,000 to YOU in order to save a hundred thousand or more?


Or we can process all the forms, including a Securitization Audit, to help you Save Your Home in any City or State in the United States of America.

You may be able to STOP a foreclosure, remove the mortgage lien from your property, PLUS sve your credit rating WITHOUT Paying Your Lender A Dime in interest, enabling you to own YOUR home FREE and CLEAR!

Now just imagine how You’ll feel when you’re sitting in Your home that You now own Free and Clear with no more mortgage payments!

We think you’ll agree that we should be charging a lot more for this information!

This Offer is RISK FREE!

YOU Have Absolutely NOTHING To Lose Except YOUR Mortgage Lien Or Debt!

The Money You’ll Save In Your Home Is Yours, Free & Clear with no more lender mortgage involved after you Save Home when you do it yourself or have us process your information.

The Choice is Now YOURS…

Do YOU Want to Legally Own YOUR Home FREE and CLEAR, or are YOU just going to allow your lender to continue to commit the largest crime in US History and keep RIPPING YOU OFF, or even worse, STEAL YOUR HOME?

What YOUR lender is doing to YOU is Fraud and a Crime! Are YOU going to let them get away with it?

It’s YOUR HOME… Don’t YOU Want to SAVE IT?

Just remember, when the Sheriff shows up at your door to throw you out, you had this chance to

Once You Make Your Purchase, We’ll also contact you by email to make sure you receive your Home Saver Package.

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