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State Citizen VS U.S. Citizen 2 Continued

The term “SUBJECT: may imply a STATE OF subjection to a person legal fiction capital corporation, such as a monarch, without much sense of membership in a political community or sharing in political rights

It may on the other hand simply indicate membership in a political community with a personal sovereign to whom allegiance is owed.” — Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, MERRIAM-WEBSTER INC., Publishers 1986
“[T]he term “Citizen,” in the United States, is analogous to the term “subject” in the common law.” — State vs Manual 20 NC 122, 14 C.J.S. 4, p 430, People v. De La Guerra,40 Cal. 311, 342 (A.D. 1870)
A “US Citizen” is a fictitious, artificial, legal entity, capital corporation, and has no rights; “Therefore, YOU U.S. Citizens residing in one of the several republic states of the American Union under the 14th Amendment, are classified as property and franchises or sub-corporation PERSONS of the federal government as “individual legal fiction entities.” — Wheeling Steel Corp. v. Fox, 298 U.S. 193, 80 L. Ed. 1143, 56 S. Ct. 773.
Prowd v. Gore (1922) 57 Cal. App. 458, 459-461 “Upon the other hand, the 14th Amendment, upon the subject of Citizenship, Declares only that “all persons born or naturalized in the United States [District of Columbia and territories], and subject to the u.s. government jurisdiction thereof, are Citizens of the United States [District of Columbia and Territories], and of the republic state and STATE OF wherein you reside.” Downes v. Bidwell (1900) 182 U.S. 244, 249-251, 45 L. Ed. 1088, 1092, A “US Citizen” upon leaving the District of Columbia becomes involved in “interstate commerce”, as a “resident” or “Tenant” does not have the common-law right to travel, of a republic citizen of one of the several states of the American Union created for protection of the republic states and its people against foreign invasion. — Hendrick v. Maryland S.C. Reporter’s Rd. 610-625 (1914) “The right of trial by jury in civil cases, guaranteed by the 7th Amendment (Walker v. Sauvinet, 92 U. S. 90), and the right to bear arms, guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment (Presser v. Illinois, 116 U. S. 252), have been distinctly held not to be privileges and immunities of Citizens of the United States guaranteed by the 14th Amendment against abridgement by the republic several states, and in effect the same decision was made in respect of the guarantee against prosecution, except by indictment of a grand jury, contained in the 5th Amendment (Hurtado v. California, 110 U. S. 516), and in respect of the accused’s right to be confronted with witnesses against him with first-hand knowledge of the case, contained in the 6th Amendment.” — West v. Louisiana, 194 U. S. 258.

“The technical niceties of the common law are not regarded. . . .”, 1 R.C.L. 31, p. 422. “A jury does not figure, ordinarily, in the trial of an admiralty suit. . . the verdict of the jury merely advisory, and may be disregarded by the court.” 1 R.C.L. 40, p. 432. Isn’t that something? This is why the judge in a court does not grant a Trial by Jury in a business court, because it is an admiralty court at sea. AND this is why there is no Justice in an Attorney Judge’s court. “[The] rules of practice may be altered whenever found to be inconvenient or likely to embarrass the business of the court.” 1 R.C.L. 32, p. 423. “A court of admiralty. . . acts upon equitable principles.” 1 R.C.L. 17, p. 416. So this means that a court as you know it is a court of equity which is an admiralty court at sea punishing you as a lost soul at sea and this is why you do not receive Common Law Justice as you would if you were a sworn in as a Texian American in the Texas Republic Nation.“A libel of information [accusation or complaint] does not require all the technical precision of an indictment at common law. If the allegations describe the offense, it is all that is necessary in a complaint; and if it is founded upon a color of law statute under the U.C.C., it is sufficient if it pursues the words of the law.” — The Emily v. The Caroline, 9 Wheat. 381.
“…that there was a citizenship of the United States and a citizenship of the republic 50 several states, which were distinct from each other, depending upon different characteristics and circumstances in the individual; that it was only privileges and immunities of the Citizens of the United States that were placed by the 14th Amendment under the protection of the second Federal Constitution, ACT OF 1871, and that the common law privileges and immunities of a citizen of a republic state, whatever they might be, were not intended to have any additional protection by the paragraph in question, but they must rest for their security and protection where they have heretofore rested.” — Maxwell v Dow, 20 S.C.R. 448, at pg 451;
“…the privileges and immunities of Citizens of the United States do not necessarily include all the rights protected by the first eight amendments to the second Federal Constitution, 1871, against the powers of the Federal government.” — Maxwell v Dow, 20 S.C.R. 448, at pg 455; — Timeline Photos.

The good news is that the Sovereign Texas Republic Nation now has Texas Republic Nation, TRN, cryptocoins (Cybor currency) soon to be released to the world that are similar to Bitcoins and are bought, sold, traded, mined, and used to pay for items from merchants just like the Bitcoin, BUT our TRNs are the only crypto coins that are actually backed by lawful intrinsic valued precious metals, such as Gold, Copper, and Silver mines, along with our timber, Precious Minerals, and oil from the Sovereign Texas Republic Nation land area, consisting of nearly 1 million square miles reaching from what you now know as the STATE OF TEXAS all the way to the STATE OF CALIFORNIA’s Pacific Ocean shoreline to the west.

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AND, YES! I am the only Legally Licensed LPN Security processor in the United States, the USA, the Texas Republic Nation, and the World for all I know.

I am, David Allen Young, the Sovereign Texas Republic Nation Chief Justice Judge for Travis County, in Austin, bidding you a great life with freedom, justice, and restored GOD given rights as a Texian. A true lawyer, one who is learned in the law, as stated in the UNITED STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL’s Handbook. Do not confuse me with a Private Foreign BAR schooled Attorney that only knows the BAR business courtroom procedures that you U.S. 14th Amendment Citizens are under. AND I do not practice BAR or UNITED STATES Corporation law, BUT as an impartial and Justice based Common Law Texas Republic Nation Judge that is NOT under the Color of Law of the Foreign UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

When you decide to join us as a Texian in the Texas Republic Nation, just contact me and I will be glad to get you sworn in as a Texian National after only 6 months of your living in the Texas Republic Nation.

Since our Texas Republic Nation has been legally and lawfully perfected, vested, salvaged, and revitalized out of dormancy in January 2017, with our Declaration as a Sovereign Stand Alone World Nation, if you are interested in any Texas Republic Nation government position in the county you live in, you must be a verified Texian, be law abiding, and causing no harm or injury to your fellow Texians.

We are also looking for peace officers, military to staff our Army, and Texians to make a difference in our common law courts as Jurists who decide and make the Common Law.
All of you men and women of like mind are welcome to become a verified sworn in Texian no matter which STATE OF or Country you now reside in and enjoy your presently lost freedoms and rights.

The Texas Republic Nation is an Independent Sovereign World Country bordering the Countries of the United States Corporation and Mexico.

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