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The disturbing truth about the home you think you own

The Disturbing Truth About the Home You Think You Own

In 2012, North Dakota held a referendum to become the first US state to repeal and delete property taxes.

The measure would have amended the state constitution to eliminate property taxes and mandate the government to find revenue through alternative means.
Proponents noted that a property tax was unnecessary because North Dakota had sufficient revenue from its state income tax and oil income.

They argued that property taxes were regressive taxation that disproportionately affected low-income homeowners and senior citizens. Further, repealing property taxes would provide financial relief to homeowners and foster economic growth by attracting businesses and residents.

A coalition of bureaucrats, corporate entities, Banks, and special interest groups opposed the referendum.

In the end, voters rejected the referendum by a wide margin, with 78% voting to keep their property taxes.

Why would anyone want to pay to rent their own home that they think they own?
This shows how brainwashed people are by the Government Mandated Controlling School Patriot System in the sub-corporate STATES OF the United States of America Corporation located in the District of Columbia.

The Name itself shows that you do not live in the dry American soil of the Republic United States of America world country but in the Federal Government Corporation Matrix!

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