Cancel Your Mortgage With The New Credit Agreement Payoff Security NOTE Draft Bank Business Instruments NOW!

Cancel Your Mortgage With The New Credit Agreement Debt Payoff Security NOTE Draft Bank and the Bill of Exchange Securities Bank Business Instruments to pay off your debt NOW!

PAY OFF Your MORTGAGE or any Bank Debt In 14 Days Using These Court-Ordered and Ruled Security Instruments!

"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, YOU are now SHACKLED with Bank Fraud DEBT."
PSALMS 23, The Lord Is My Shepard!


No matter what the original is off, there is only one ORIGINAL.. Whether the ORIGINAL is copied, cloned, forged, altered, redacted, reduced, or claimed, there is only one ORIGINAL..

All the others are forgeries and fakes that is FRAUD in the factum upon the Article 1 Business BAR COURTS of today, especially when presented to the COURTS as the one and only ORIGINAL no matter what COUNTY Recording paper sticker is on the FORGED COPY.. There can be only one ORIGINAL..

In all original Mortgage NOTE and Mortgage Debt Lien Contract Security Property documents that allege, presume, and insinuate debt these documents are always written on legal-sized 8 ½ x 14-inch paper by the big corporations or ATTORNEYS as are all other credit and debt LEGAL agreement credit application instruments property.. There can be only one ORIGINAL..

Lawful documents can be written on any piece of paper, animal hide, wood, or a plastic toilet seat for a valid bilateral contract and require two (2) signatures for a MEETING OF THE MINDS valid contract agreement property. But only LEGAL documents are written on legal 8 ½ X 14 Inch legal paper.. The Mortgage document consisting of BOTH the NOTE and Debt Security Lien Contract Property is lawfully or legally no different.. There can be only One ORIGINAL..

The one ORIGINAL can be altered, forged, redacted, or copied as is in an unlawful bank securitization as the Mortgage NOTE and the separate or unlawful bifurcated STATE County recorded Mortgage Debt Lien Contract Security Property documents without the Mortgage NOTE being recorded are unlawful in exclusive common law, but seems to be Legal under the District of Columbia Uniform Commercial Code under the Color of Law unless disputed with positive evidence of another ORIGINAL Document.. The U.S. Supreme Court decision of London vs Carpenter (still valid court or record in exclusive common case law) shows that a Mortgage is unlawful if bifurcated or separated because these two documents together make up a Mortgage.. There can be only one ORIGINAL..

The ORIGINAL of your, the alleged and presumed BORROWER’s, Mortgage NOTE and Mortgage Debt Lien Contract Security Property is the only one that you signed with Blue Ink written on the Legal paper to make it a legal document and the ORIGINAL… There can be only one ORIGINAL..

These documents are your lawful collateral property based on your signature and the fact that no one else signs them for a legal MEETING OF THE MINDS Valid Bilateral Contract.. All Mortgage and other debt and credit contracts and agreements are TAKE IT OR LEAVE it credit contract property that still belongs to you after the debt is paid and you claim it in a court of record in exclusive common law such as a Small Claims Court where the JUDGE is elected, NOT APPOINTED.. These TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT Contracts give you no choice if you want the house or property offered based on your good credit and signature.. There can be only one ORIGINAL..

You are so ignorant of the Law that you don’t care to read these documents before you sign that they say is just a regular or standard contract and you believe them as authorities and they make you RENTERS or Debt Slaves to the Corporations and Government.. They are telling the truth in that they are standard contracts, but do NOT Disclose all the facts.. The point is that you believe every word they tell you without investigating.. There can be only one ORIGINAL..

What gives the car dealership, the Escrow Closing Notary Agent, the police officer, the Bank, the Government employees, the government officials, or the BAR Business COURT ATTORNEY JUDGE the AUTHORITY anyway?? There can be only one ORIGINAL..

YOU do by believing what they say without researching or learning their statutes and when you answer any of their questions that you think you know.. You have to remember that they are using a foreign legalese language with different meanings of each word that you have been taught in their DUMMY-DOWN private and public schools since childhood.. There can be only one ORIGINAL..

Your ORIGINAL Mortgage Debt Lien Contract Security Property Document is REDACTED or reduced with certain items of your ORIGINAL Documents being deleted, redacted, changed, illegally altered, forged, or the ORIGINAL DOCUMENT reduced to fit a NON-LEGAL 8 ½ X 11 inch paper for easy electronic storage by the County Recording Office.. The County recording office copy is NOT the ORIGINAL!! There can be only one ORIGINAL..

And all COUNTY recording offices throughout the UNITED STATES (All CAPS) record these forged fake copies as the originals offered to them by ATTORNEYS and others, but are fraud, even with the County Recorder’s paper filing or registration stickers pasted to these forged copies to represent and make the Court ATTORNEY JUDGES and YOU, the People, think that they are the ORIGINALS when viewing, but they are just forgeries, fakes, fraudulent, redacted, illegal alterations, etc. by the Federal, STATE, LOCAL, and U.C.C. Statutes.. Look real close and you will discover that the ones presented to you in any COURT are forged documents.. There can be only one ORIGINAL..

Every STATE recording statutes say that only ORIGINALS can be recorded, so how do the big bank, Government, and ATTORNEY corporations get away with recording these forgeries, fakes, copies, illegal alterations, as redacted copies of the ORIGINALS in your COUNTY recording office in the COURT SYSTEM when you cannot get any copy recorded?? This is how the ATTORNEY JUDGES are taught in their private law schools to think.. If you have ever been in court, you may hear the ATTORNEY JUDGE ask the group of ATTORNEYS that are representing others, “What is the law on this??” Remember, there can be only one ORIGINAL..

There is always one ignorant GODLIKE ATTORNEY without the knowledge or understanding of the over 82 million legal STATUTES on the books who will tell or agree with the JUDGE every time and your sentence is based on the word of another ATTORNEY, NOT of the Judicial laws or of previous court case law whether these case laws be STATUTES or CODES under their Color of Law or in Exclusive common law.. There can be only one ORIGINAL..

Every judgment or dismissal in all court cases is fraud and void based on the ATTORNEY JUDGE’s Opinion that is solely based on the Administrative JUDGE’s questions to you and your answers. I thought the Bank ATTORNEY was to plead his or her case and then you to counter plead, right?? Isn’t the JUDGE practicing law from the bench..

If you notice in any court hearing, the JUDGE never questions the BAR CLUB Member Fraternity BROTHER ATTORNEY representing the BANK, Big Corporation, or the Government, and the JUDGE is surely not following his or her oath of office to uphold the Federal or State Constitution laws by Judicating law under due process.. There can be only one ORIGINAL..

JUDGES and everyone else in Government keep telling you that IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE and yet what JUDGE, ATTORNEY, or Government Official knows the over 82 Million Laws (STATUTES or CODES)?? NONE!! That is how many.. Remember there can be only one ORIGINAL of anything and ORIGINAL Documents are no different.. There can be only one ORIGINAL.. Think about it..

This is David Young of the family God at wishing you all the best and a great debt-free life by utilizing the Negotiable Security Instrument, CAP that is processed by the ONLY Legally Licensed Financial Documents CAP, LPN, IPN, and NSI securities in the USA. We also show you how to register Your Legally processed Security under the SEC laws to make it legal tender, U.S. currency, and bank money.

Each Processed Credit Agreement Debt Payoff, Security at Pay Off Any Debt Or Loan and Payoff Your Mortgage in 14 Days are Registered State Licensed Processed Credit Agreement Payoff Negotiable Security Instruments, similar to FRN Dollars; Mortgage Promissory NOTES; and Mortgage Debt Lien Securities.. CAP Security Instruments are also used as money for debt payoff similar to bank-created money, debt, and loans.. Banks verify and accept the CAP Security to pay off mortgages and debts; the maturity date is over 9 months which qualifies the CAP Security as Bank Verified money with no interest; NOT Capital Gains Taxable; are notarized; are registered securities pursuant to Law; pays bank claimed debt and meets all Negotiable Instrument laws.

I am NOT an Attorney and do NOT practice Law.. I have attended many court cases, conducted countless interviews with Banksters, Attorneys, Law, and COURT officials in my 17 years of research to uncover banking fraud facts, that are in my client instructions..

We help you fight bank and foreclosure fraud and win any COURT case.. Details are in the CAP Security client instructions that have been proven to win any court case hearing or Trial By Jury.. This is why we offer a 90% Money Back Guarantee for our processing if you don’t win.

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