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The Three Phases Of A Mortgage Free Home

The Three Phases Of A Mortgage-Free Home

Please understand that there are three Phases you must complete before your home is Mortgage FREE and you have no more Mortgage Lien Debt:

1. Notary Admin. Process – 5 Phase Steps under 90 days;
2. Securitization Audit – 3 to 4 Weeks to Complete and must be completed before 40 days; and
3. Action for Quiet Title – You are the Plaintiff and suing the Trustee and all interested parties who claim an interest of your Mortgage Lien Promissory Note.

Phase 1 – The Administrative Process under UCC – Article 3, §501 to §505 and State Law.

Two Examples of State Laws for our Administrative Process:

1. FL Statutes, Title XXXIX, Chapter 673: §5051(2), Evidence of dishonor;
2. CA Code – Chapter 5: § 3501 – § 3505 Dishonor;

Presentment of Qualified Written Request is made by Notary, Dishonor is when Banks remain silent under Qualified Written Request, QWR, and do not provide the requested documents; Notary Re-presentment with 2nd Opportunity to Cure; Notary Notice of Dishonor is issued with a 3rd and final Opportunity to Cure before the Certificate of Dishonor is rendered by Notarial authority; after no response the Certificate of Dishonor is issued by the Notary with Notary Presentment Affidavit of Verified Dishonor mailings that were served to confirm the Lender/Banks Dishonor and is admissible as evidence and create a presumption of dishonor and of any notice of dishonor
These States’ Statutes under Dishonor are usually the same verbiage under all States’ Dishonor Law, because it is also Federal Law.

Here, the point is made that the bank, by Tactic Admission, remaining silent, in the Qualified Written Request, QWR, by not responding, gives you the authority under the QWR Dishonor/Default Provisions Power of Attorney to sign as an Agent Representative of the bank to perfect a Satisfaction of Mortgage and Corrective Warranty Deed.

When the lender sold the note to the secondary market/bundled Trust, the lender violated the UCC law. The argument is that the note and deed are not together and thus in violation and no one knows who the actual owner of the Note is.

The goal is to void the loan and create a lack of standing from the lender, servicer, Trust, Trustee, Investor and any other person or entity who claims an interest in your property. This is done by way of a Private Administrative Notary Presentment and Objection (Protest) Process that proves that neither the Lender, Servicer, Investor, nor the Trustee holds the Note and Mortgage/Deed of Trust in order to foreclose.

This is the basis of my Phase One, LEGAL, and Notary Administrative Procedure.

Phase 2 – Securitization Audit:

This is done by an expert to show the history of the loan, the number of times it sold, and when the Note and deed were separated. This will show the actual violation based on the bank’s own rules, the Pooling and Servicing Agreement, PSA. The auditor we now have provides to you and your attorney a Litigation Ready securitization audit and Witness Affidavit to make the job easier.

Phase 3 — Quiet Title Action.

This is done to terminate the Mortgage/Deed of Trust lien, with note attached, because no one knows who actually has the Note AND Mortgage/Deed of Trust; thus, perfecting the title for the landowner so the home owner can sell it or keep it, or give it away (not bank) to say that the bank failed to have the note AND Mortgage/Deed of Trust together in violation of UCC Article 3 §501 to §505, State mortgage assignment Statute Title XL 701.2 law, and the Banks own Pooling and Servicing Agreement under Securities Exchange Commission, SEC.
This almost always allows the homeowner to get the property back in a quiet title as the bank and other parties who claim an interest lacks standing.

Has this been done? YES!

When it appears to an attorney there is an unclean hands issue with equity issue that the defense may raise, which is that the landowner in essence received free money.

This is the other way around, because the banks committed FRAUD, which has no statutes of limitation, are receiving free money every time the stock or bond certificate is sold on the stock exchange. There is no more promissory note when the note and presumably the Mortgage/Deed of Trust are assigned, sold, or put into a Trust, under the Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, the note must be destroyed when the stock or bond certificate (security) takes the note’s place.

If the note and certificate exists at the same time, this is called “Double Dipping” and is Security FRAUD. The law says that the holder in due course, or note owner must have in their possession both the original Note and original Mortgage/Deed of Trust.

None of this was ever explained under the Disclosure Laws at the borrower’s closing and this is what makes the FRAUD.

No one informed the new homeowner that the lender or bank was going to separate the note from the Mortgage/Deed of Trust, monetize and securitize them and continue making millions of dollars from their mortgage amount every time it is sold.

When you purchased your home at your closing, were you informed of this? I think not. The only thing you are informed of is that the Lender can sell your Note AND Mortgage/Deed of Trust.
As you can see, it is the banks with unclean hands every time the Servicer, most of the time the Lender, demands payment on your monthly mortgage statement, because the Servicer, the bank that is collecting the money, is just a Third Party Debt Collector working for the Investor or Trust under the Federal Fair Debt Collections Practice law.

To prove this, look at any letter from your Servicer and they will tell that they are trying to collect a debt!

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The 3 Phases To A Mortgage FREE Home

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