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The Act of October 6, 1917, Trading With the Enemy Act.

(40 Stat 418) The Corporate Congress amended the definition of the enemy to include you, the American people, on March 9th, 1933 when the Government confiscated all the Gold owned by the American people and declared you, the enemy of the UNITED STATES Corporation MUNICIPALITY in WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA STATE..  Thereby making your status as the enemy no different than the German’s during WW1 or the Japanese during WWII.

The Trading With the Enemy Act is a WAR POWERS ACT dating back to the American CIVIL WAR when the Bank controlled Corporate Government, through the Corporate Government Puppet, President Roosevelt, stole all America’s Gold, Wealth, and Property from you, the American People to enrich the Government CORPORATION and the Foreign BANKS.. Please, comment on this video and let us know what you think..

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1 thought on “TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT Legal Construction”

  1. I do not believe the amendment to the 1917 Act made enemies of all the American people, but only those who were 14th Amendment “federal citizens.” The banker-backed government that took over during the so-called Civil War had a fiduciary duty to the people of the de jure republic states. I do not believe it could have declared the people of the states to be enemies without breaching its duty.

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