Cancel Your Mortgage With The New Credit Agreement Payoff Security NOTE Draft Bank Business Instruments NOW!

Cancel Your Mortgage With The New Credit Agreement Debt Payoff Security NOTE Draft Bank and the Bill of Exchange Securities Bank Business Instruments to pay off your debt NOW!

PAY OFF Your MORTGAGE or any Bank Debt In 14 Days Using These Court-Ordered and Ruled Security Instruments!

"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, YOU are now SHACKLED with Bank Fraud DEBT."
PSALMS 23, The Lord Is My Shepard!

Wells fargo mortgage is a scam

WELLS FARGO Mortgage is a SCAM

WELLS FARGO Mortgage is a SCAM! This is because Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. is actually an investment company, not a bank.

Another reason WELLS FARGO Mortgage is a SCAM is that by Title 12, United States Code, §1831(a), neither Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. nor any other bank investments companies, Automobile loan applications thru any car dealership cannot lend money for any loan as they cannot lend their money, credit, assets, or depositors’ money.
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These BANKS have been fooling you people and the BAR Private BUSINESS Maritime and admiralty Corporation COURTS since illegal securitization to resell or assign these converted securities for a profit as the “MIDDLE MAN” began.

These presumed bank and lender loans are mythical and do not exist in the real world.

Bank loans are just an elusive SCAM to rob you of your property, money, credit, and wealth.
This is why WELLS FARGO Mortgage is a SCAM and all other Presumptive Original Lenders of mortgages, automobiles, credit cards, and all other bank loans are SCAMS also!
This is where can help people that are in what you believe is debt in 14 days to discharge the debt to a zero balance.

Remember the Courts work for the banks as debt collectors. Because the Banks and Original Lenders convert your loan application contracts into registered securities unknown to you by recording them in the County STATE Recorder Official records office. But the Promissory NOTE Security remains UNREGISTERED and your private PROPERTY. This is another reason why WELLS FARGO Mortgage is a SCAM

The passing of your unregistered Mortgage NOTE Security when the original Lender Sells/Assigns your mortgage or automobile securities through securitization pre-pays your debt to a zero balance, but you must claim this.

The passing of your unregistered Promissory Note Securities is Securities Fraud by legal definitions. We at can help you.

The banks are nothing more than RICO street gang mafias and this includes the Corporate Government.

This is why WELLS FARGO Mortgage is a SCAM!
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