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There is no such thing as a wells fargo personal loan

WELLS FARGO Personal Loan

There is no such thing as a WELLS FARGO Personal Loan because Wells Fargo cannot give a Personal Loan or Business as they cannot lend money.

Blacks Law Dictions states that a loan is money lent and by Title 12, United States Code, §1831(a) Wells Fargo cannot lend its money, credit, assets, or Depositors’ money.

So where does the Wells Fargo personal loan come from?

First, we need to discuss what Wells Fargo Bank really is not.
Wells Fargo is not a Bank that gives you a business or personal loan. What Wells Fargo is.

Most people think that Wells Fargo is a bank, but in reality, Wells Fargo is an Investments Company.

Wells Fargo has to borrow the funds for your loan from a “Warehouse” line of credit from an Investor Trust such as Fannie Mae, Freddie MAC, Gennie May, or some other larger bank trust such as New York Mellon Bank, PJ Morgan Chase, etc.

Wells Fargo must place your mortgage, automobile, and most other types of presumed loan into the trust by the Pooling and Service Agreement usually within 30 days. This pays back the funds loaned to Wells Fargo Bank for a Personal loan.

There is no such thing as a WELLS FARGO Personal Loan according to Title 12, United States Code, §1831(a). Get the real story by reading
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2 thoughts on “WELLS FARGO Personal Loan”

    1. Yes, all financial institutions including Credit Unions and Mortgage Brokers are considered Banks or Investment companies that borrow money from an Investor Trust Warehouse line of credit for all loans; thus, making them the true Borrowers and DEBTORS as you fund your own loan by your Redemption Funding Signature. Without your signature, there is no loan. Read and see how we can help pay off your debts and loans using our State Licensed Processed Securities.

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