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Wells Fargo Refinance Rates

“Wells Fargo Refinance Rates” if you have another Original Lender is a SCAM.

Wells Fargo does not have the Perfected Interest or subject matter jurisdiction to give you any Wells Fargo Refinance Rates.
Wells Fargo loan modifications are illegal also if Wells Fargo is not the Original lender at your Mortgage closing.

You should read Cancel1Mortgage.info for factual information to pay off your bogus debts including Wells Fargo Refinance Rates which are fraud.
The Servicer if it is Wells Fargo or any mortgage company does not have the “Perfected Interest” to collect monthly payments on a non-existent Bank loan.

Title 12, United States Code, §1831(a), plainly states that no bank or financial company including Mortgage Brokers can lend their own money, funds, assets, or depositors’ money to the American People! So the Lender must borrow the funds from the Investor Trust to be sold/assigned back to the Investor Trust to profit from.

Therefore, Wells Fargo Refinance Rates are bogus!

A DEBTOR cannot loan you any money to purchase a home, raw property, automobile, mortgage, or commercial mortgage, or receive a business loan of any type.

Remember Title 12, United States Code, §1831(a).

Look and you can find your answers, facts, and debt loan payoff SOLUTION at Cancel1Mortgage.info.

Remember Wells Fargo Refinance Rates is a fraud because Wells Fargo does not own your mortgage or automobile and is not the legal Holder of anything unless Wells Fargo was the Original Pretender Lender that gave up “Perfected Interest” upon illegal Securitization to make a profit at your expense.
Think about it..

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