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Here’s an interesting and deceptive definition of money from Black’s Law Dict. 6th Edition. It says that money means coins and paper currency, but it DOESN’T include “evidences of debt”.

But guess what Federal Reserve International Promissory Note Dollars are? They are Corporate United Kingdom Attorney BAR Association’s commercial paper script and evidences of debt without any consideration value backing which EXCLUDES the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE DOLLAR from the paper currency being money, as a legal definition.

The Lawful definition of MONEY is Gold, Silver, and some other less precious metals minted or made into coins manufactured in certain portions marked with a stamp which attests their value. The Texas Republic Nation’s Internet cyber currency or TRN Crypto coins and physical Paper currency Unit that is backed by precious metals, such as gold, silver, and some other less precious metals, hold intrinsic consideration value is also lawful money.

In other words, if you tell a judge that you have no money and you’ve never been paid with money, you’ll be saying the TRUTH.
BUT, when it comes to NON-CITIZENS who aren’t subject to the statutes of the corporate STATE OF, the man or woman acting as Attorney Judges in these sham BAR Attorney Business courts are ordered to and will still enforce those FEDERAL OR STATE OF color of law statutes against you, even though you have no contract and are not an employee with their muni corporation.
WHY? Because they find EVIDENCES OF DEBT (FRNs) in your pocket, so they presume you being engaged in commerce with commercial paper. And if FRNs REALLY were MONEY, they COULDN’T do so. (They’d have to regard your property as being held in allodium).

So your best bet may be to have your pockets full of the Texas Republic Nation’s Unit coins, Paper Unit Money that are backed by Gold and Silver, or U.S. One Dollar Coins from Bank of America that are minted by the U.S. Treasury and are not Federal Reserve commercial paper promissory note dollars.

The Texas Republic Nation has a working government that convenes every month, and soon will have more Lawful money to run the Texas Republic Nation Government, with both physical gold, copper, and silver coins in SUnits and Units with SUnits being fractions of the Unit such as: 1 SUnit of one Unit, similar to the American penny; 5 SUnit of one Unit, similar to the American Nickle; 10 SUnit of one Unit, similar to the American Dime; 25 SUnit of one Unit, similar to the American Quarter; 50 SUnits of one Unit, similar to the American 50 cent piece; and 100 SUnit or one Unit that is similar to the American Dollar; and crypto coin currency that are used as and similar to Bitcoins, but the TRNcoin are the only cryptocurrency to be backed by Gold and Silver and Copper, coming very soon, and forthcoming lawful Money Unit, Texas Republic Nation lawful paper bills, also backed by gold and silver and other precious metals, minerals, oil and timber in nominations of 1 Unit bills, similar to the American Dollar; 5 Unit bills, similar to the American $5 Dollars; 10 Unit bills, similar to the American $10 Dollars; 20 Unit bills, similar to the American $20 Dollars; 50 Unit bills, similar to the American $50 Dollar; 100 Unit bills, similar to the American $100 Dollar; and 500 Unit bills, similar to the American $500 Dollar. We are not talking about the FEDERAL RESERVE INTERNATIONAL PROMISSORY NOTE DOLLAR COMMERCIAL PAPER; we are talking about Gold and Silver Mines Backed LAWFUL MONEY from the Texas Republic Nation!

All of the Texas Republic Nation’s money is backed by precious metals such as copper, gold, and silver, with precious minerals, timber, and oil, and The Texas Republic Nation’s lawful moneys are not the Private Corporation of the Federal Reserve banking system’s International Promissory Note Dollar Bills that are Commercial Paper backed by nothing except faith and credit of the people nor United States Treasury coins that are no longer minted of real gold and silver.

These Texas Republic Nation Units can be slightly compared with the penny, nickel, dime, quarter, fifty cent piece and the dollar coins but are called units by Texians and backed by Gold, Silver, and other precious metals, with timber oil and other precious minerals.
So they can’t have it both ways; on one hand drag you into commerce, because they consider FRN commercial paper dollars as evidences of debt, and on the other hand, claiming that FRNs are money, so you gotta pay their fines with it. OR do you?

Always ask the acting judge which type of money do you want me to pay with? If he says dollars, tell him that you have never been paid in lawful money and the the FRN dollars are commercial script and you are not under their commercial jurisdiction because you use lawful coin money.

If they say in lawful money, just say, “Since there is no lawful money I cannot pay your commercial fine as you require, and I am not under your jurisdiction.
Ask the Judge, “Are FRNs money as you say and as a freemen can I use your FRN Dollars without entering the corporate world of commerce as commercial paper.” Is this correct? OR Are the FRN dollars NOT lawful money, in which case no one can pay any debts because there’s no money in circulation.” Is this correct? AND since there is no Lawful money in circulation, just debt notes, you cannot pay off a debt, just discharge your perpetual debt promissory note, but the debt still exists unless your property, the alleged debt instrument that was made and signed by you, is returned to you after it has been discharged. Black’s Law Dict. 6th Edition says:

This Black’s Law Dict. 6th definition of money, also defines money as an official currency of a domestic or foreign gov’t. That’s from UCC 1-201(24). Interesting that they’d list a definition from UCC as an authority.
Of course the Federal Tax Lien Act of 1966 put the entire taxing and monetary system under the UCC. And this would OBVIOUSLY put anyone using FRNs, as well as all taxpayers, under the UCC.
And that’s because when a sovereign engages in commerce, which issuing negotiable debt instruments, such as bank notes, is, he loses his sovereignty and becomes subject to the RULES OF COMMERCE, and commercial paper dollars which is the Uniform Commercial Code, U.C.C..

That’s how all the 50 republic states of the united States Of America Union lost their sovereignty; they, the STATES OF sub corporations, engage in dealing with FRN commercial paper dollars, which are DEBT INSTRUMENTS, so they’re subject to the U.C.C. and Taxes of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

BUT DOES NOT pertain to the STATES OF Commercial law, since that is the STATE OF law, not Federal. When I say the U.C.C. here, I mean the original FEDERAL UNITED STATES CORPORATION U.C.C., not the republic state or the STATES OF version which was created from the original FEDERAL U.C.C. template that was written by 72 Bank Attorney Judges.

BTW, that might be the mistake that people doing the SPC process are making. When they want SPC protection from the STATE OF, they should file their UCC-1 in District of Columbia, NOT in their State. Just my opinion.
But why is it that no living man or woman from any republic state or any of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION persons from any STATE OF can file a UCC1 in the District of Columbia unless the UCC1 involves buying or selling Real Estate, residential or commercial, located within the District of Columbia?

This is what I have been told by the District of Columbia Secretary of State office when I tried to file a UCC1 in WASHINGTON, DC., that did not involve any real estate in the District of Columbia and they refused to file it. The answer is simple.
This is because the original 50 Republic states are not a part of the District of Columbia which is the UNITED STATES CORPORATION that has NO JURISDICTION of you, the people of America. YOU GULLIBLE DEBT SLAVES AND HUMAN COLLATERAL JUST THINK THEY HAVE CONTROL, don’t you?
And that’s why, in the UNITED STATES CORPORATION Bankruptcy in 1933, common law and equity and Constitutional courts of justice were replaced by rules of civil procedure and Public Policy and the United Kingdom BAR Attorney controlled BUSINESS COURTS instead.

It’s all commerce now, so you should be able to use the U.C.C. to defend against both Federal and STATE OF statutory charges, since STATES OF are engaged in commerce by demanding debt instruments FRN dollar commercial paper as payment for their fines.
But you might have to first get their admission that they want FRN commercial paper Dollars as payment, otherwise they could pretend that they’re asking for pre-1933 AMERICAN DOLLARS backed by gold and silver that is lawful money and YOU would not know the difference!!!
BUT, the IRS absolutely operates under the U.C.C., as there is no actual LAW that people pay income tax, because paying income tax is voluntary. The IRS publications and their Public Policy under color of law says so. But there is a benefits LIABILITY to pay that tax, which you as a 14th amendment Federal and STATE OF Citizen, is COMMERCIAL, and use their FEDERAL RESERVE INTERNATIONAL PROMISSORY NOTE DOLLAR debt instruments as commercial paper under the U.C.C.!

The good news is that the Sovereign Texas Republic Nation now has Texas Republic Nation, TRN, cryptocoins (Cybor cunency) soon to be released to the world that are similar to Bitcoins and are bought, traded, mined, and used by merchants just like the Bitcoin, BUT our TRNs are the only crypto coins that are actually backed by lawful intrinsic valued precious metals, Gold, Copper, and Silver, along with our timber, Precious Minerals, and oil from the Sovereign Texas Republic Nation land area, consisting of nearly 1 million square miles reaching from what you now know as the STATE OF TEXAS all the way to the STATE OF CALIFORNIA’s Pacific Ocean shoreline to the west.

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AND, YES! I am the only Legally Licensed LPN Security processor in the United States, the USA, the Texas Republic Nation, and the World for all I know.

I am, David Allen Young, the Sovereign Texas Republic Nation Chief Justice Judge for Travis County, in Austin, bidding you a great life with freedom, justice, and restored GOD given rights as a Texian.

When you decide to join us as a Texian in the Texas Republic Nation, just contact me and I will be glad to get you sworn in as a Texian after only 6 months of your living in the Texas Republic Nation.

Since our young, reborn Texas Republic Nation that has been legally and lawfully perfected, vested, salvaged, and revitalized out of dormancy in January 2017, as a Sovereign Stand Alone World Nation, if you are interested in any Texas Republic Nation government position in the county you live in, you must be a Texian, be law abiding, and causing no harm or injury to your fellow Texians.

We are also looking for peace officers, military to staff our Army, and Texians to make a difference in our common law courts as Jurists. All of you men and women of like mind are welcome to become a Texian no matter which STATE OF or Country you now reside in and enjoy your presently lost freedoms and rights.

The Texas Republic Nation is an Independent Sovereign World Country bordering the Countries of the United States Corporation and Mexico.

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