"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Win A FREE CAP Security Debt Payoff Instrument In Lottery Drawing

Now that I am back in Texas, I have decided to hold a bimonthly lottery for a FREE CAP Security Instrument for those of you who cannot afford to pay Thousands of Dollars to pay off your debt.

Now everyone has a chance to WIN a FREE CAP Security Instrument to pay off any debt you have under $300,000.00!!

Our Legally processed CAP Security is Valued at $5,000.00 each, but your CAP Security Lottery number is only $50.00 each for a chance to WIN a FREE CAP Security Debt and Loan Payoff Instrument with all the bells and whistles, bi-monthly. Next Lotto Drawing to be held 15 February 2019. On the lottery ticket for each drawing.

Pay off your debt by using our State Licensed Legally Processed CAP Security @ Cancel1Mortgage.info/Lottery-Drawing for only $20.00 a lottery number so anyone can WIN and afford to pay off any Debt under $300,000. You have a chance to win a CAP Security Instrument NOW that banks have accepted by investing ONLY $20.00 a Ticket Number and have a chance to win with your lottery ticket that may be drawn every 2 months starting December 15, 2018.

You may be the Lucky WINNER!! What are you, waiting for…..GO NOW to Cancel1Mortgage.info/Lottery-Drawing for Details. The more tickets you buy increases your chance of winning and get your debt paid off by the Next Month after Bank acceptance.

NEVER call me until the SCAMMERS are caught!! JUST email me and I will call you if you request me to or I will reply to your email..

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