"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Your Government Obligation Part 5

The Corporate U.S. Government calls us all “citizens” as part of their false claiming process and got you to ignorantly agree; Oh, yeah; I’m a U.S. citizen….. I am obligated to do whatever the U.S. or STATE OF sub-corporation government tells me to do…..

oh, yeah, As a Citizen, I must follow their rules, regulations, and made up Statutes under the color of Law….. Oh, YES I do!! I have to pay income and all other types of burden taxes because I am a U.S. or STATE OF sub-corporation franchised citizen….. Oh, yeah; I have to pay back my borrowed from the BANKS money debts after all the Bank allegedly loaned me their FRN fake money…..because I am a U.S. or STATE OF sub-corporation franchised citizen, oh, yeah; AND that makes me an unpaid “volunteer” U.S. citizen employee….

uh-huh!! WHAT!! I work and slave all week for free and give all their presumed earned income FRN money I possess back to UNCLE SAM SUGAR CORPORATION, because I must pay off their National debt as well, all because I am a U. S. CITIZEN….. Oh, Hell Yeah!! Isn’t this what you tell yourself?? AND you DEBT SLAVES actually believe the Government’s BULL SHIT, Don’t YOU!!??
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