"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

YOUR STRAWMAN ID or Birth Certificate Government MONEY and CREDIT SCAM


YOUR LEGAL FICTION STRAWMAN ID – The Great Government MONEY and CREDIT SCAM. Giving your Straw Man I.D. Legal Fiction Name Back with full use!

YOUR STRAWMAN ID or Birth Certificate Government MONEY and CREDIT SCAM
STRAWMAN or straw man, as defined in Blacks Law Dictionary, 6th Edition: A front; a third party who is put up in name only to take part in a transaction. Nominal party to a transaction; one who acts as an agent for another for the purpose of taking title to real property and executing whatever documents and instruments the principal may direct respecting the property. A person who purchases property for another to conceal the identity of the real purchaser, or to accomplish some purpose otherwise not allowed.


Giving your Straw Man I.D. Legal Fiction Name Back with full use under USUFRUCT, a civil law that is the right of enjoying a thing, the property of which is vested in another, and to draw from the same all the profit, utility and advantage which it may produce, provided it be without altering the substance of the thing.
2. The obligation of not altering the substance of the thing, however, takes place only in the case of a complete usufruct.
3. Usufructs are of two kinds; perfect and imperfect. Perfect usufruct, which is of things which the usufructuary can enjoy without altering their substance, though their substance may be diminished or deteriorated naturally by time or by the use to which they are applied; as a house, a piece of land, animals, furniture and other movable effects and your Government held Strawman, Straw Man trust reserve account. Imperfect or quasi usufruct, which is of things which would be useless to the usufructuary if he did not consume and expend them, or changes the substance of them, as money, grain, liquors. Civ. Code of Louis. art. 525, et seq.; 1 Browne’s Civ. Law, 184; Poth. Tr. du Douaire, n. 194; Ayl. Pand. 319; Poth. Pand. tom. 6, p. 91; Lecons El. du Dr. Civ. Rom. 414 Inst. lib. 2, t. 4; Dig. lib. 7, t. 1, 1. 1 Code, lib. 3, t. 33; 1 Bouv. Inst. Theolo. pg. 1, c. 1, art. 2, p. 76.
Your Strawman, Straw Man, Legal Fiction, IS IT THE REAL YOU?

There’s no telling when the deception really started, but one of the first major events was the incorporation of the United States in 1871, with the final act occurring in 1878. It appears from the Statutes at Large that this was only the incorporation of the District of Columbia, but in the final act, the phrase District of Columbia or the United States is used making the phrases interchangeable and allowing the United States to operate as a corporation.

The so-called government is not the government created by the Constitution, it is a Corporation operating in COMMERCE for PROFIT.

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