"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Mortgage presumed loan never accepted by the trust making the investor trust taxable

Your Mortgage Presumed Loan was NEVER Accepted by the Trust Making the Investor Trust Taxable.

In this three-part video series, you will learn of the Bank and Investor Trust Fraud…

This is video part 1. Parts 2 and 3 will follow, so be sure to watch them as they contain valuable information, especially if you are facing Foreclosure.. You can prove this with your copy of the Servicing and Pooling Agreement from the Securitized and Monetized Investor Trust Folks.

If they did make it into the Trust, have them prove it by showing you and the Court the POOLING & SERVICING Agreement within the securitized Investor Trust.. YOUR loan (Promissory Note and Mortgage Lien Contract) never made it to the trust!! AND if they did make it into the securitized trust, the custodian under the POOLING AND SERVICING AGREEMENT; U.C.C. Article 3; and under the Securities Exchange Commission, SEC, law your Promissory Note and the Mortgage Debt Lien Contract Security private and personal Property ORIGINALS must have destroyed your private and personal property pursuant to their Territorial Federal Security Exchange Commission, SEC, Rules after your Promissory Note and the Mortgage Debt Lien Contract Security private and personal Property ORIGINALS were counterfeited, forged, and copied in exchange for conversion into investor Mortgage Back certificates to sell to the World Investors under U.C.C. Article 8, the controlling Banking Security Law, and electronically counterfeited, forged, and copied under U.C.C., District of Columbia Code, Article 9. Notice, I did not say UNDER THE LAW. Rules, Codes, Regulations, Statutes, and Court Cases are not law according to the Territorial Federal Supreme Court common “law of the land”..

This is why the Banks claim to have lost it or cannot produce either the Promissory Note or the Mortgage Debt Lien Contract Security, your private and personal Property. It is your Private and Personal Property because the Banks, Lenders, or Investor Trust NEVER signed to accept them.. Think about it..

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