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The president that killed the constitution of america

The President That Killed The Constitution

No! This is not about President Lincoln who was the last President of the Constitution for the united states of America several republic continental land area countries Union and the first Chief Executive Officer of the 1861 Corporate Constitution, later to be known as the rewritten CONSTITUTION BY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (All CAPS). The original 1789-91 Republic Constitution is still hidden since 1861 and at this time was forked or added onto like the forks in a road.

This man is talking about EX-PRESIDENT and CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, DONALD TRUMP, that sold out you American People out for the third time in the history of the united states. Trump was ordered by one of his higher-up Elite BOSSES, not you, the American people, but one of the few people higher up in the chain of the NEW WORLD ORDER that killed the Constitution as we know it.

Trump did this by ceding (giving away) and relinquishing his Presidential position as COMMANDER AND CHIEF to F.E.M.A. by way of an Executive Order 11921 on 13 March 2020, and other Executive Orders the same month, being published in the National Registry to make it law. Just as the BANKS publish or record your Mortgage Debt Lien Contract Property in the County Register or MERS to make it a SECURITY INSTRUMENT. Now we have no President and No CORPORATE CONSTITUTION (All CAPS)

Trump sold you people out the third time to Kill the Constitution. F.E.M.A. is now in charge of everything and owns you American People in the UNITED STATES INCORPORATED. Lincoln sold you out in 1861, Hoover sold out America in 1913 with the passing of the FEDERAL RESERVE CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM ACT. Roosevelt sold you American People out in 1933 by bankrupting the UNITED STATES. Trump sold you American People out because of the fake man-made Corona Virus in the name of protection.

When Trump relinquished all his Presidential power to F.E.M.A. this past March the 13th. F.E.M.A. is now empowered to run this UNITED STATES COUNTRY and steal whatever they want to, even your children, in the name of the Coronavirus. Now the UNITED STATES (ALL CAPS) has no President. President Trump, after giving away His Presidential power that he hoped to God that he was doing the right thing and making you people think that he was doing this for YOUR PROTECTION through this man-made PLANdemic. In the video just after he relinquished his Presidential Powers in a news conference Trump stated, ”This is what we are really doing in different settings” to usher in the NEW WORLD ORDER when he signed the NATIONAL EMERGENCY DECLARATION empowering F.E.M.A. to control everything and steal your children Property by eliminating the “Old and Obsolete Rules” and “We’re breaking them down now” meaning killing and suspending the Constitution. What is so right in killing the Constitution and its laws? The CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS are no longer, folks. Next, they will be making changes to the Uniform Commercial Code to delete the remedies you have or at least most of the remedies. Respond, Comment, and Think about it..

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