Cancel Your Mortgage With The New Credit Agreement Payoff Security NOTE Draft Bank Business Instruments NOW!

Cancel Your Mortgage With The New Credit Agreement Debt Payoff Security NOTE Draft Bank and the Bill of Exchange Securities Bank Business Instruments to pay off your debt NOW!

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PSALMS 23, The Lord Is My Shepard!

Canceling Your Birth Certificate Is Half The Battle Part 2.

One more issue to discuss is to STOP using the SS# and get yourself an EIN number to use for the rest of your life.

There are three types of EINs:  EIN for Banking, EIN for Non-Profit 508 Church, and EIN for a TRUST.  Stop using the SS# and take control of the All Caps by being the Personal Representative to the All Caps. Women and men can be the director/controller of all the business of the All Caps Legal Fiction NAME.

From Judge Anna von Reitz: Index of Articles and Notices…Excellent!
BC Communications: In 2009 I communicated with Vital Statistics/dept of Health of Missouri via another’s email and name as; thus, man had requested. I requested that they give me all the original records pertaining to the Name/Me as they belong to me via the creation of my existence.

When asked “How do I get the original? If I cannot get the original does that mean that the State of Missouri is the owner of the Certificate; thus, the reason for the issuance of a certified copy only?” Their response. “Yes, the State of Missouri houses all certificates and a certified copy is issued from that.  That is the reason you cannot get the original.  Thank you.”

The State DOES NOT give anybody anything except a CERTIFIED copy which is a forgery, and illegal alteration. They do not release originals. If anybody has been given the originals or has had the VR seal the computer records please share the evidence and how it was done.

The best I’ve had with dealing with the STATE OF is sending them presentments/bills which were never returned nor was contact made ever again by the companies sending the bills/presentments. Nothing ever show derogatory on any credit report. The United States has nothing to do with BC’s and will refer you back to the STATE OF. I respect anybody’s opinion, theories and “all you gotta do(s)”; however, I’ve never seen anything in writing from anybody after reading or hearing their opinion, theory or “all you gotta do” is I’ve done it and here is the evidence or outcome.
This is David Allen Young at,, and wishing you all the best and a great debt-free life by utilizing the Negotiable Security Instrument, NSI, that is processed by the ONLY Legally Licensed Financial Documents CAP, LPN, IPN, and NSI securities in the USA. 

Remember, we show you how to register your processed by us securities under the Securities Exchange Commission, SEC, rules, regulations, and laws to make them Legal tender.

Each Processed Credit Agreement Debt Payoff, Security at Pay Off Any Debt Or Loan and Payoff Your Mortgage in 14 Days are Registered State Licensed Processed Credit Agreement Payoff Negotiable Security Instruments, similar to FRN Dollars; Mortgage Promissory NOTES; Mortgage Debt Lien Securities; and Auto Financing Credit Applications, etc. .. CAP Security Instruments are also used as money but for debt payoff similar to bank-created money, debt, and loans that creates debts.. Banks actually verify and accept the CAP Security to pay off mortgages and other bank or finance debts; the maturity date is over 9 months which qualifies the CAP Security as Bank Verified money and legal tender with no interest payments; NOT Capital Gains Taxable; are notarized; are registered securities pursuant to SEC Law; pays bank claimed debt, and meets all Negotiable Instrument laws.

I am NOT an Attorney and do NOT practice Law, but I have attended many court cases, conducted countless interviews with Banksters, Attorneys, Law, and COURT officials in my 17 years of research to uncover banking fraud facts, that are in my client instructions that guarantee you win your court case..

We help you fight bank and foreclosure fraud and win any COURT case.. Details are in the CAP Security client instructions that have been proven to win any court case at your court hearing or Trial By Jury.. This is why we offer a 90% Money Back Guarantee for our processing if you don’t win when you follow and do what is in our client instructions.

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